Posted by Ken Erdelt on Apr 01, 2019
The African Exchange program that has been underway for about 15 years to help with school, water and public improvements in a village in Tanzania. Rob Schadt, who is the Chairman of the project noted it was started as mission for a Lutheran Church in Framingham started for education programs and quickly expanded to work on water wells (now up to 43 wells) that are able to provide fresh safe water. He attributes the reduction in infant mortality rates (down to 0%) to the work on wells and health care in the village. In addition, they were able to build and staff kindergarten and other schools.  Spora then spoke about the secondary school program to teach both English and Swahili for 12-18 year-olds in both Private and Public schools. The Private school and boarding are funded by the Lutheran Church but both have challenges with large class sizes, shortage of books and of certain topics like science. Wingred spoke about the challenge with the sciences - namely that there is really no effective way to learn science with the current shortages. He spoke about the approach to sciences noting that the government is trying to help with funding expansion of facilities.