Puppy HARRIS is continuing along his Service dog training path with NEADS: Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans. At around the 4 month mark puppies are matched to Prison Pup Partnership programs. Several considerations go into the placement of pups. Each correctional facility has a specific number of slots available for puppies in training so there has to be space. And NEADS trainers try to match each puppy with an inmate handler who has the skills that best fit the temperament of the pup. In mid-September, Harris was placed in the Prison PUP Partnership training program right here in our community at MCI-Framingham. His inmate handler will teach Harris things like how to walk next to a wheelchair, and how to go get a toy and put it back in a person’s hand. This is a fun game for Harris, and will also be the primary way a potential client will exercise him. Exciting to see Harris continuing on his service training path! The training costs for Harris are being funded in part by the Rotary Club of Framingham.