Rotary Club of Clinton

Updated Café List July 2017-July 2018

Café List Second and Fourth Thursday of Each Month 
Date: Rotary Members
7/13/2017 Haxhiaj, Heelan, Hendrickson-Brown, Hutner
7/27/2017 Ingano, Klein, Laverdure, Moran C
8/10/2017 Moran N, Morin R, Nelson, Notaro 
8/24/2017 Paulhus, Paulino, Philbin, Schmidt
9/14/2017 Schonbeck, Sifleet, Soto, Wickman
9/25/2017 Williams, Aponte, Ames, Castillo
10/12/2017 Chandler, Cherubini, Costello, Cotton
10/26/2017 Duffy, Dunn, Farragher, Haxhiaj
11/9/2017 Heelan, Hendrickson, Hutner, Igano
11/23/2017 Thanksgiving
12/14/2017 Klein, Laverdure, Meyer, Moran C
12/28/2017 Moran N, Morin R, Nelson, Notaro 
1/11/2018 Paulhus, Paulino, Philbin, Schmidt
1/25/2018 Soto, Wickman, Williams, Aponte
2/8/2018 Ames, Castillo, Chandler, Cherubini
2/22/2018 Costello, Cotton, Duffy, Dunn
3/8/2018 Farragher, Haxhiaj, Heelan, Hendrickson-Brown
3/22/2018 Hutner, Ingano, Klein, Laverdure
4/12/2018 Meyer, Moran C, Moran N, Morin, R
4/26/2018 Nelson, Notaro, Paulhus, Paulino
5/10/2018 Philbin, Schmidt, Soto, Wickman
5/24/2018 Williams, Aponte, Ames, Castillo
6/14/2018 Chandler, Cherubini, Costello, Cotton
6/28/2018 Duffy, Dunn, Farragher, Haxhiaj
7/12/2018 Heelan, Hendrickson, Hutner, Igano
7/26/2018 Klein, Laverdure, Meyer, Moran C
If you cannot attend your scheduled day, please find a replacement to volunteer for you
If you do not find a replacement for that evening, a $10 fine will be implemented