Brookline, Massachusetts

Honoring our Veterans at the VFW

One July 2 we were addressed by Arthur Segawa, a local resident and new immigrant to the U.S. who enlisted in the army shortly after arriving from Uganda.  He shared his path with us.  He has been learning skills in civil engineering during his term of service in the Army both here and in Afghanistan, and is now studying engineering and continuing in the active reserves.
Because this was our first meeting in the VFW post taking place near July 4, we honored the many people in our Club who have served our country, including Dr. Phil Sandler, Elmon Hendrickson, Richard Leary, Barry Jones, Allen "Red" MacPherson, Roger Lipson, our guest Mark Gray, and the late George Kaplan. 
There is a moving series of interviews with our veterans on our YouTube channel:
Arthur had been one of the main speakers at Brookline's Memorial Day Ceremonies at the Town Hall.  We invited him to come and share his story with us as well, especially emphasizing veterans and their contributions to the life we enjoy in the U.S. on July 2nd.
Brookline Memorial Day celebration 2015
Arthur Segawa speaking on Memorial day at Brookline Town Hall.
We had very strong attendance of our members and a number of honored guests.  Lunch provided by Vine Ripe Grille was enjoyed by all.