Brookline, Massachusetts
Mar 16, 2017
Dr. Sheila Katz, Historian and Author
Connecting with the Enemy: A Century of Palestinian-Israeli Joint Nonviolence
Dr. Sheila Katz will share her new book which provides a history of joint initiatives between Palestinians and Israelis,  Connecting with the Enemy: A Century of Palestinian-Israeli Joint Nonviolence.
Sheila H. Katz, Ph.D, is Professor of Middle East History and Contemplative Studies in the multidisciplinary Liberal Arts Department at Berklee College of Music in Boston. She received a doctorate in Middle East History from Harvard University where she specialized in Palestinian-Israeli relations, organized programs on Middle Eastern women, and taught for eight years. Her book first book was Women and Gender in Early Jewish and Palestinian Nationalism (University Press of Florida, 2003). She has published numerous articles and reviews in Kandiyoti’s, Gendering the Middle East, the Arab Studies Journal, the International Journal of Middle East Studies, the Middle East Journal, the Association of Middle Eastern Women’s Studies NewsletterHarvard International Review, and Lilith. Katz founded one of the early networks for Palestinians and Israelis to confront tough issues together during the years she lived in Jerusalem while leading workshops on inequality in Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, Northern Ireland, England, France, Sweden, Italy, Greece, and the U.S. She is a founding teacher of the Nishmat Hayyim meditation collective in Brookline.http://www.sheilahannahkatz. com/