Dec 2016 - Grants Approved Total $9,500
1.       Bike Town USA -  $500 – Funded their  Safe Routt to Schools program. Bike Town USA’s mission with this program is to increase the number of students that walk or ride their bikes to school, promoting a healthy and active life style though safe pathways.
2.       Grand Futures - $1000 -  Funded their 2017 Youth Summit. This summit will be geared toward increasing critical thinking skills, public speaking, planning skills, leadership skills and team building skills. Grand Futures aims to promote healthy lifestyles for youth, where alcohol, tobacco and drug use and related risky behaviors are reduced while positive assets are increased.
3.       Hayden High School – Funded $750. We funded a theatre workshop for high school students in grades 9-12. The end result of the workshop is an onstage performance with the students working on writing, editing, directing, teamwork and collaboration skills during the lead up to the final performance.
4.       NW Center for Independence – Funded $750. The NW Center for Independence works closely with members of our community with disabilities to become more self-sufficient. These funds were used to fund a class to help improve life skills such as grocery shopping, meal planning, and healthy living.
5.       Reaching everyone preventing suicide – Funded $1,000 – These funds were used to help fund their ITC (It Takes Courage) program that is geared toward changing the local stigma and culture surrounding suicide. This program aims to increase awareness of warning signs, treatment options and developing a community of caring, supportive and  educated individuals between the ages of 12-18.
6.       SELAH - $1,000 – These funds were used to fund sexual risk avoidance education to local schools, youth groups and your serving organizations.
7.       SOROCO HS – Funded $500 -  These funds were used to help fund their high schools purchase of a “solar Roller” kit. This kit allowed the general physics and science department to build a solar powered remote control car and compete in the solar rollers competition put on by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
8.       SSHS After Prom - $500 - The Steamboat Springs After Prom program works to keep our local high school youth safe after their annual high school prom. These funds will be used to fund some of the entertainment at the After Prom program.
9.       The Chief Theatre - $500 The mission of The Chief Theatre is to preserve , program and manage the multi-use facility with diverse programming that contributes to the culture of Steamboat Springs. These funds will be used to help fund the Chief Theatre Winter student workshops.
10.       The Journey Ahead – Funded $1,000 The Journey Ahead was formed in 2011 as a grass roots program designed to help Eight grade boys in Routt County develop goals and make positive choices. These funds will be used to bring in a professional speaker  and facilitator for their annual event.
11.       Totally Kids – Funded $1,000 –Totally Kids provide a number of different before school, after school and summer programs that look to enrich the lives of youth in Routt County. These funds were used to fund the before school, after school and days off school programs. These programs provide a safe, supervised place for children when school is not in session.