Randy R and John H greeted our members and guests on Tuesday, thanks to both of you.


Thank you, Holly for providing the Thought for the Day.  She shared some thoughts from The Rotarian magazine and from our Rotary International President, that help remind us why we are Rotarians.


In the Steamboat Minute, Chief Cory and Chris H each presented a brief snippet of their occupations and how all too often, they overlap!


Joanna announced the newest baby in our club…Ryder Dale Zink, was born to Josh and Londee at 2:58am on November 4th, at home.  All are happy, healthy and doing well.  This year may be a record for babies being born in our Club, or possibly even the District since we have one of the youngest Clubs!


November is Rotary International Foundation month and Scott and Ellen presented a brief background and update on the RI Foundation and their work.  The RI Foundation is second only in size to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and does good work, all around the world.  We watched a brief video on some of the work that the Foundation does in Peru and for additional videos, please go to the following link.


RI Foundation Videos:   https://vimeopro.com/rotary/rotary-videos


We will, once again, have matching funds up to $500 per member, to all that contribute to the Foundation during the month of November.  If you are close to getting your Paul Harris Fellow, this is a perfect time to do it.  Please contact Scott, Angela or myself, if you desire to take advantage of the matching funds offer. 


Thank you Ashley for hosting good news and next week’s program will be the Grant Recipients – at The Grand.


Enjoy the early snow,