It has been a busy several weeks and we are coming into one of the busiest parts of the Rotary year!


We have had some really excellent programs thanks to the efforts of our program committee.  If you have been missing meetings you have been missing out.  I know that the program schedule is largely full for the next 90 days as this team has been working hard to make the time you spend at meetings worthwhile.


Rotary is a service organization.  We are dedicated to making our world a better place both in our own communities and around the world.  For our club to have an impact we need to be strong club and that starts with membership.  We are currently at 96 members which is a good size for us and more or less where we have been for the last 4 years.  I know it feels like we have added a lot of new members this year and we have. Over the last four years we have had 25 members who moved away from Steamboat Springs.  We have also lost 4 members who passed away and others who resigned for family or work related issues.  This is a long winded way of saying that reaching out to our community to find new members is a part of maintaining the health of our club and our ability to provide service to our community and the world.  Thank you to our membership committee and to the member sponsors for this important effort.


Upcoming important events we need your participation in:

  1. Flower Barrels:  June 6th our club meeting will be the flower barrel project.  Please plan on attending and helping.  Not only does this beautify our town it is also an important fundraiser for our club.  This is one of the events each year where we enjoy the company of our fellow club members and often of their spouses and partners.  Watch for information from the committee and plan on being there about 4PM Tuesday June 6th.
  1. Rotary Golf Classic:  This is the event that raises the most money each year for our club to use in community service and grants.  The committee is working hard and will be needing the help of ALL members either in the form of participating in the event itself or signing up for one of the volunteer shifts that are required to pull off this great event.  The committee will be asking for your sign-up.  This is one of the events that we hope and expect that ALL members will participate in at some level.  The dates are:

Thursday June 15th:  Reception at Alpine Bank in the afternoon.  All ticket holders are invited (That means every Rotarian!)  Please support our title sponsor of the event and plan on attending.  Some volunteers are needed for this.


Friday June 16th:  Golf and Reception and auction.  The golf event needs lots of volunteers to help pull off this event.  In the evening the event at the Strings Tent is a lot of fun and again all ticket holders are invited.  Volunteers needed here too.  

Farmers Market BBQ:  Keep an eye out for news from this committee and sign up to help when you can.  This should be a lot of fun and hopefully will become an important fund raiser for us.  The first Saturday this is happening in June 10th.  Signup sheets were passed around the meeting yesterday.