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ATTENDANCE POLICY   Our club values and places a high priority on attendance at our regular meetings.  Both consistent attendance of members, as well as participation in our service activities, are vital contributors to our club’s success. 
Members are expected to attend regular meetings as often as possible with a minimum attendance of two meetings each month, one of which may be a make-up credit (from the accepted make-up options listed below and on our website.)
Although our club’s policy recognizes that varying time commitments, both personal and business, may sometimes prohibit members from consistent attendance, members are encouraged to attend as often as possible and to apply the 4 Way Test to their individual time constraints. 
Members are responsible for monitoring their own attendance records, which are readily available on Club Runner (My ClubRunner. My Attendance)  Members are also responsible for notifying the Club Secretary and/or current President, in writing, of any extenuating attendance circumstances and/or if a change to their membership status needs to be processed.   When it is predicted that members will not be able to adhere to the attendance policy for more than two months, members are encouraged to consider other alternative membership categories:
All requests for changes in membership status require a written request from the member and approval from the Board of Directors. 
LEAVE OF ABSENCE – Leaves are granted at the board’s discretion.  With good and sufficient cause, a leave of absence may be granted excusing a member from attending the meetings of the club for a specified length of time, normally from 3 to 6 months.   Leaves may be granted for illness, extended out-of-town stays or for any other reason deemed to be a sufficient cause by the Board of Directors.    A leave of absence may be retroactive if the board deems this to be fair and reasonable.  Any Rotarian on a leave of absence is responsible for the Rotary Club of Steamboat Springs quarterly dues, as well as foundation contributions, and will be billed accordingly.
This category of membership is intended for members who travel for business purposes often or for extended periods of time, which prohibits them from consistent attendance.   To apply for this status, a member must have been an active member longer than one year.  The request must be for a defined period of time up to 12 months.  During this time the member is expected to attend meetings as usual if/when they are in town.  Rotary Club of Steamboat Springs dues requirements are unchanged.  Member will be billed for meals only when attending.  No meal credit for make-ups will be granted.  Member is excused from the requirement to purchase event/raffle tickets only if they are out of town for the reason the status was granted when the event takes place.  In all other respects, it is hoped and expected that the member will maintain their active involvement with the club.
An honorary membership is bestowed upon members with a history of exemplary leadership, participation and support of our club.   It is intended for those who no longer find consistent involvement to be possible, but who wish to remain a member of our club and to continue their support of the RI Foundation and the Steamboat Springs Rotary Club Endowment.  Requirements for Honorary Membership are described within the policies section of our website. 
Members’ attendance is reviewed monthly during the Board of Directors Executive Session (a confidential – Board member only session -  held after the regular Board meeting.)   If the member has not complied with the attendance policy for two consecutive months, the member’s sponsors or the chair of the Membership Committee will be notified and asked to contact the member and discuss ways to improve their attendance and/or whether the member might need to consider alternative membership status.
If during the following month’s review, the member has not complied with the minimum attendance requirement a designated board member will contact the member and propose alternative membership status if appropriate.
If the member has not improved their attendance after the following month or has not moved to a new membership status, as a last resort, the member will be asked to resign and return when time commitments allow.
ATTENDANCE MAKE-UPS  Make-ups can be acquired in the following ways:
¨       Attendance at another Rotary club meeting (Member must inform Secretary of the date, place of make-up and amount of meal credit if relevant)
¨       Participation in a club project or club-sponsored community event (Submitted by Committee Chairs)
¨       Attendance at a club project or fundraising committee meeting (Submitted by Committee Chairs)
¨       Attendance at a monthly board meeting – Second Monday of each month at Rex’s (Submitted by Secretary)
¨       Attend  an E-club (internet) meeting at:  (Members must inform Secretary of the date and time of make-up)
Attendance at an Interact meeting (Check with Interact Club Chair for time and place)