Posted by Jim Bolas
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
March 15th – Tom Atkins -  Trip to Argentina to Visit Exchange Student
March 22nd - Rev. Matt Fricker - John McMillan Presbyterian Church – Houston Recovery 
March 29th - No Meeting - Holy Thursday.
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • Pancake Festival – Heather congratulated Emanuel Panos on managing the Club’s 59th Annual Pancake Festival. The Club members gave Emanuel a healthy round of applause.
  • Karen Pfeil 
  • Every Child – Karen recommended that the Club participate in an effort to help children who are abruptly transferred from abusive or abandonment situations to foster care and who require clothing, toiletries and/or comfort items to help them in the transition. Items can be brought to the regular meeting and Karen and Laura Maines (CEO of Every Child) will make sure the appropriate packages are made and distributed to children in need. Laura will provide a list to the members of recommended items required.
  • Ray Kells
  • March 17th Easter Egg Hunt – The USC Interact Club is taking the lead in preparing for and managing the Annual Rotary Easter Egg Hunt to be held on Saturday, March 17th. Rotarians, who wish to help, should arrive at the old USC Rec Center at 7:30-8: 00 AM. The Easter Bunny (Laura Maines) will arrive at 10 AM and the starting signal to “hunt” for Easter eggs will be 11 AM. Last year 260 children participated. It was noted that the Wild Things baseball organization has offered to provide ticket packages for the tables.
Program – Jason Kasten – VP Relationship Manager – PNC Bank
  • Jennifer Cooper introduced Jason Kasten, her colleague from the St. Clair branch of PNC Bank who handles bank services to businesses
  • Jason noted that he was a Rotarian 15 years ago and was a member of the Pittsburgh Rotary Club
  • PNC Bank offers special fee waivers and rate protection to veterans
  • He asked the members if they experienced fraud from a personal standpoint. A number of members noted fraud problems they have experienced with checking accounts, credit cards, and debit cards
  • He recommended that members minimize the use of debit cards which allows others who commit fraud to directly access their checking account and places any consequential loss on them personally.
  • Use credit cards where possible which places the liability due to fraud on the credit card company if notice of such fraud is properly provided on a timely basis.
  • Can sign the back of credit cards with “Ask for ID” in lieu of a signature which could be forged or leave the signature block blank.
  • Europe is far ahead of the U.S. in the use of credit cards with “chips” and in processing credit card payments in front of the credit card holder
  • Consider use of magnetic protectors to protect credit cards in wallets and purses.
  • Recommend that checking account and credit card statements (hardcopy or digital) be reconciled on a monthly basis.
  • Due to the opioid/drug abuse epidemic, there is a marked increase in fraudulent behavior.
  • Report fraud to the police to have a police report on file.
  • PNC offers services to businesses which help pro-actively avoid being harmed by fraudulent actions by external forces. Several of the primary services provided are:
  • Cash Flow Insight
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Reverse Positive Pay
  • Positive Pay
  • Universal Payment Identification Code