Posted by Jim Bolas
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
Nov. 1st – Annual Rotary Gourmet Dinner
Nov. 8th – Matt Kikta – Long Term Care Planning
Nov. 15th – Whiskey Rebellion Re-enactors – Oliver Miller Homestead
  • Emanuel Panos
  • Emanuel notified the members that a friend has informed him that Fed-Ex Ground has seasonal hiring opportunities starting at $11.80/hr.
  • Barbara Piconi
  • World Polio Day – Celebrated on Oct. 24th in Philadelphia. The goal of complete eradication is close with only 22 cases reported worldwide in 2017. Only 3 countries reporting wild poliovirus – Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.
  • Nov. 1st Annual Gourmet Dinner – Have 3 one week timeshare opportunities which will be auctioned – (1) Orlando ($600), (2) Hilton Head ($1200) and (3) Sedona ($1700) + $1000 for airfare.
  • Karen Pfeil
  • Stockings for Soldiers & Veterans – Karen reminded the members that the “filled” stockings need to be brought to the Nov. 29th Rotary meeting so they can be given to Beinhauer’s by Nov. 30th.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • Clothing Drive – West Virginia – Members were reminded to bring warm clothes and blankets to a future meeting no later than Nov. 11th.
Speaker – John Rozzo – Superintendent – Upper St. Clair School District’s Strategic Plan
  • Barbara Bolas, VP of the USC School Board introduced John Rozzo
  • Graduated from Serra Catholic High School, bachelors from Penn State and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. Home in Upper St. Clair with his wife, Shauna, and their 3 children.
  • John became the USC School District Superintendent in July 2018 and has been with the district for over 13 years having come from the Brentwood School District in 2005.
  • The district is in the 4th year of its 5 year strategic plan (See
  • The plan has 5 distinct focus areas – STEAM, Professional Learning Community, High School Experience, Technology, and Safety & Security
  • STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design, and Mathematics – Increase curriculum offerings and train and equip teachers to educate – incorporate real-life experiences
  • Professional Learning Community – Develop and implement Beliefs for Student Learners practices consistently across all curriculums.
  • High School Experience – Collaborative instruction providing a comprehensive experience in which students feel healthy, safe, engaged, supported, challenged and empowered. Corporate involvement in providing real-world problems and engagement by senior managers to evaluate student solutions.
  • Technology – Using I-Pads in Grades 5 to 8 and Chromebooks in Grades 9-12 due to the need for more complex computing capabilities. Provide a balance between traditional vs technological learning. Provide online progress reporting capabilities to students and parents.
  • Safety & Security – Over 240 cameras in the schools accessible by School Security and Township Police Dept. Access to schools is limited. School security resources include highly experienced armed security resources in each school building.
Induction – John Rozzo – Member Representative – USC School District Corporate Membership
John Rozzo was formally inducted as a Rotarian and became the 3rd USC superintendent to join the ranks of the Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair since the school’s founding in 1957. John is the school’s 7th superintendent. Niles Norman and Pat O’Toole were former Rotarians.