Posted by Jim Bolas
Past President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
Oct. 25th - John Rozzo; Superintendent of Schools – Upper St. Clair
Nov. 1st – Annual Rotary Gourmet Dinner
Nov. 8th – Matt Kikta – Long Term Care Planning
Nov. 15th – Whiskey Rebellion Re-enactors – Oliver Miller Homestead
  • Jim Hinerman
  • Nov. 1st Annual Gourmet Dinner – Reservations are due so table seating arrangements can be finalized. Please let Bob Theakston know if whether or not individuals who buy tickets will not attend the dinner.
  • Karen Pfeil
  • Oct. 21st Miracle Field Halloween Event – The Club will have a table set-up at the event like last year to hand out candy and other stuff for children. All members are welcome to help. Please wear something designating you are with Rotary. The event will be held between 11 AM to 2:30 PM.
  • Stockings for Soldiers & Veterans – Christmas stockings were distributed to the members and were requested to help fill the stockings with usable items like foodstuff, batteries, socks, tee-shirts, vitamins, playing cards, paperback books, etc. A recommended list of items is included with each stocking. Please deliver the filled stockings to Beinhauer Funeral Home by Nov. 30th.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • Clothing Drive – West Virginia – Members were again reminded to bring winter clothes and warm blankets to the next Rotary meeting on Oct. 25th. The donations will be delivered to Vincent de Paul in West Virginia as was done in past years to help needy families.
  • Ray Kells
  • Enjoy Books – Books remain available to sell to gain money for the Club. The books sell for $30 and the Club makes $10 per book.
  • Dec. 23rd White Oak Pittsburgh Penguins Raffle – A number of members agreed to buy $20 tickets. Raffle drawing of 2 tickets to 10 Penguin games and $1000 in restaurant gift cards is to be held on December 23rd.
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • Annual Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinners – The District has approved a $2500 grant for our Club’s annual Thanksgiving Dinners for the needy in the City of Pittsburgh. Giant Eagle has indicated it would like to be a participating member.
Speaker – Matt Fricker – Associate Pastor – John McMillan Presbyterian Church – Flood Relief in Bethel Park
  • Ray Kells introduced Matt who has spoken to our Club previously. Matt has served in the US Army with much of the time being in the Middle East. He plans on returning to Iraq in 3 weeks to work with churches throughout that country.
  • Primary issues causing flooding in South Hills are (1) too much pavement and (2) not enough green areas (i.e. grass & trees). In addition, properties diverting rainfall into the streets overtaxing the drainage systems and overflowing the streams.
  • Township governments appear unable to properly deal with flooding events as is obvious from the recent heavy rain events this year. For example, there are no flood relief hotlines.
  • New housing developments are required to install collection ponds to gather water drainage to prevent overtaxing drainage systems.
  • Organizing the resources of regional non-profit organizations in the event of such events is provided by organizations such as National VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster)
  • Problems observed in Bethel Park resulting from recent flooding was damage to air conditioners and furnaces and mold.
  • Bethel Park Township has helped by providing dumpsters for free and establishing a relief fund.
  • FEMA will not provide any funding or support due to median family wealth in South Hills.
  • Members of the congregation from John McMillan helped rebuild 16 houses in Bethel Park primarily removing damaged structures, mold and flooring.
  • The flooding issue crosses community boundaries which requires a regional plan to deal with the problem.