Posted by Jim Bolas
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting 
Club Meeting Program Schedule
Nov. 22nd– No Meeting – Thanksgiving
Nov. 29th– OPEN
Dec. 6th– OPEN
Dec. 13th– Club Christmas Dinner
Dec. 20th– No Meeting
Dec. 27th– No Meeting
  • Emanuel Panos 
  • Requested that a hat be passed for member contributions toward the Club’s Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinners charitable event next week. One Club member is willing to match donations up to $500.
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • Pittsburgh Thanksgiving Dinners – The following is the plan for this year’s effort:
  • Tuesday, Nov. 20th– 1 PM – Meet at the Club’s storage unit at the Bethel Park Industrial Park to load required supplies
  • Wednesday, Nov. 21st– 5 PM to Done – Prepare Meals - Meet at St. Mary’s Russian Orthodox Church at 105 S 19thSt. in Southside
  • Thursday, Nov. 22nd(Thanksgiving Day) – Two shifts – 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM to Assemble and Box Meals at St. Mary’s
  • Need boxes (e.g. egg boxes) in which to transport meals – CRITICAL
  • Whiteoak Penquin Ticket Raffle – Dec. 23rd
  • The Club has agreed to sell twenty $20 tickets for the raffle – See Emanuel Panos for the tickets
  • Karen Pfeil
  • Stockings for Soldiers & Veterans– Karen reminded the members that the “filled” stockings need to be brought to the Nov. 29thRotary meeting so they can be given to Beinhauer’s by Nov. 30th.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • Clothing Drive – West Virginia – Herm thanked all the members who assisted in loading the truck for delivery of the collection of donated clothes for the needy in West Virginia
  • John Donahoe
  • Salvation Army – Ringing Bells – The Club is scheduled to ring bells at the South Hills Giant Eagle on Saturday, Dec. 1stfrom 8 AM to 4 PM. See John to sign-up
Speaker – Oliver Miller Homestead Reenactors – Fred & Paula Bowman and Pam Lakits
Three reenactors visited the Club to tell the members about the Oliver Miller Homestead in Allegheny County’s South Park. In 1742, Oliver Miller and his family emigrated from Ireland to America. In 1772 he purchased land on Catfish Run and built a log cabin and lived there until 1782 when he died leaving the land divided among his six sons. The land eventually was deeded in 1797 under the name “Mansfield” and included 424 acres.
This area of Pennsylvania was noted for producing rye whiskey, popular in the colonies at that time. The young American government was looking to raise revenue and imposed an excise tax on rye whiskey which was resisted by the local farmers and led to a resistance called the “Whiskey Rebellion”. Sons of Oliver Miller were intimately involved in the rebellion and one was jailed.
The current stone house was built in stages starting in the late 1700’s and continuing to the 1830’s. Acreage was sold off over the years. The remaining 65 acres and buildings were purchased in 1927 by Allegheny County and became South Park. In 1934 it was given the name “Stone Manse” and declared a national landmark. Volunteer reenactors dress in period attire, demonstrate pioneer crafts, give tours and discuss history. It is open every Sunday afternoon, 1:30-4: 30 PM from early May until the 2ndSunday of December.
The reenactors, dressed in period “kits” explained life during the 1700’s, how the food was stored and the roles of husbands, wives & children in everyday life. A Pennsylvania Long Rifle was shown and passed among the members. It was built by hand by Fred Bowman along with another rifle and several pistols. A number of questions were asked by the members. The reenactors were given a warm round applause for their presentation