Posted by Jim Bolas
Club Meeting Program Schedule
May 18th-20th– Rotary District 7300 Conference – Seven Springs
May 24th– Sam Provil – Project Management Vocation
May 31st– Julie Hera de Stefano – Journey to Normal
June 14th– Charles LaValee – CEO – Variety Children’s Charities
June 28th– Changing of the Guard
Barbara Piconi led a moment of silence in memory of the late Chuck Keller, Past President of Rotary International, and close friend of members of our Club and all Rotarians of Western Pennsylvania who recently passed.
Club Assembly
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • District Conference– President Dieckmann reminded the members of the upcoming District 7300 Conference. Spelling Bee will be held at 2 PM on Saturday. All members attending the conference should come to support our sponsored participant – Ben Hopkins
  • 2018-2019 Board of Directors – 2018-2019 President & Vice-President have been approved by the membership. The slate of other officers and directors are proposed as follows:
  • Secretary – Kathy Knopp
  • Treasurer – Ray Kells
  • Director – Club Service – Laura Maines
  • Director – Community Service – Karen Pfeil
  • Director – Vocational Service – Jim Hinerman
  • Director – International Service – John Donahoe
  • Assistant Secretary – George Pitcairn
  • Assistant Treasurer – Tracy Estabrook
The 2018-2019 slate was approved unanimously
  • New Director Orientation– It was recommended that an orientation be held in July for members who are entering a new role as an officer or director. J. Bolas agreed to arrange the orientation.
  • Membership – It was noted that due to transfers, relocations, etc. the membership of the Club may be decreasing from 35 to 30 plus two associates. The members who have left are Carl Trakofler and Susanne Wagner. Members who the Club needs to confirm continued membership with are Pat O’Toole, Mark Hennigan, and Joe Labriola,
It was agreed a future meeting will be dedicated to membership recruitment and members were encouraged to help recruit new members to enjoy the benefits of membership in Rotary.
  • Barbara Piconi
  • Paul Harris Awards– The Club has a number of Paul Harris awards to be given to worthy candidates. It was recommended for future consideration for the following candidates:
  • Kenneth Klase – Principal of St. Louise de Marillac School 
  • Dorothy Vandruff – Meals-on-Wheels
Members were encouraged to propose other worthy candidates in the community