Posted by Jim Bolas
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
March 3rd – 59th Annual Pancake Festival
March 8th -  TBD
March 15th – Tom Atkins trip to Argentina to Visit Exchange Student
  • Emanuel Panos – Chairman – Annual Pancake Festival 
  • Schedule
Friday – March 2nd – 11 AM – Meet at Subway near Bethel Park Industrial Park with SUVs to pick-up PF supplies from storage locker
Friday – March 2nd – Noon – Meet at Westminster Church to prepare hall
Friday – 7 PM – Al’s Café – Volunteers and spouses have dinner – notify Jim Hinerman
Saturday – Morning workers are to start at 7 AM
  • Ticket Sales – Members are encouraged to sell/donate the equivalent of $225 of tickets and turn-in money to Emanuel Panos or Ray Kells. IF YOU DONATE DISTRIBUTE THE TICKETS TO ENCOURAGE ATTENDANCE.
  • Dress Code – Rotarians are encouraged to wear a white Rotary shirt/blouse and khaki pants
  • Jim Hinerman – Members who wish to join this evening’s Rotarian ceremony to honor Don Regelin at the David Henney Funeral Home in South Park please gather at the Funeral Home around 7:45 PM. Don Regelin was a key member of the Rotary Club of Bethel-St. Clair for many years and was an Honorary Member.