Posted by Jim Bolas
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting 
Club Meeting Program Schedule
July 26th  - TBD
August 2nd– TBD
August 9th– TBD
August 16th– John Rozzo – New Superintendent – Upper St. Clair School District
  • Emanuel Panos
  • Rotary Club Service Teams – To assist the President in organizing the Club meetings Laura Maines has established Rotary Club Service Teams (see attached), a different team for each quarter, to perform the following:
  • Set-up and take down flags for each meeting and ensure arrangements are made for speaker presentations
  • Arrange for a member to provide the meeting invocation
  • Arrange a speaker and/or program for each meeting
  • The team established for July, August and September is captained by Laura and the team members are Tom Atkins, Herm Dieckmann, Tracy Estabrook, Bob James, Jim Hinerman and Rick Smith.
  • All members are encouraged to help the active team in identifying interesting speakers and programs
  • Annual Corn Roast– Due to the availability of the Corn Roast organizers, Milt & Carol Hamel and Keith Jackson in August it was recommended that the Corn Roast be held in September.
  • 2019 Pancake Festival Ticket Sales Teams– Herm Dieckmann, PF Chairman, will be establishing PF Ticket Sales Teams for next year.
  • Night at the Meadows – District 7300 will be holding this year’s event at the Meadows Race Track on Friday, July 27th. Members are encouraged to attend. $40 per person, 5 PM start and  6 PM buffet. RSVP to Dennis Piper.
  • 2018 Pancake Festival Ticket Sales Leaders – The 5 members who were served a steak dinner for selling the most tickets for the 2018 Pancake Festival were: Tom Shook, Cliff Taylor, Herm Dieckmann, Jim Hinerman and Ray Kells. The other members were served delicious hot dogs.