Posted by Jim Bolas
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Members welcomed Emanuel to his 1st meeting of the Rotary Year with a healthy round of applause.
Club Meeting Program Schedule
July 19th – Pancake Festival Steak Dinner
July 26th  - TBD
  • Ray Kells
  • 1st Quarter Dues – Members were reminded to pay their 1st quarter dues.
  • Uncashed Checks – Members were also reminded to check their personal accounts to see if any previous checks to the Club remain uncashed and let Ray Kells know.
  • Emanuel Panos
  • Pancake Festival Steak Dinner – Next week the top 5 ticket sellers will be treated to a steak dinner. Other members will receive a surprise dinner.
  • Club Teams – Laura Maines will be organizing Club Teams for each quarter to help set-up for meetings and to organize speakers/programs.
  • Annual Corn Roast – Members will be notified of the upcoming August Corn Roast once arrangements are made.
  • Barbara Piconi
  • Gourmet Dinner - Members were requested to identify potential sponsors for Club’s November 1st Gourmet Dinner. A sponsorship package will be made available in the next several weeks.
  • Karen Pfeil
  • Projects - A number of projects are planned for this Rotary Year giving members an opportunity for hands-on volunteerism.
  • Every Child – Members are reminded that the initiative to provide supplies to needy children at Every Child is still being pursued and members are asked to bring items like Little Golden Books, blankets, toothbrushes, store coupons and comfort items to future meetings.
  • SHIM – Arrangements will be made with SHIM to allow members to help assemble backpacks for needy children returning to school.