Posted by Jim Bolas
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program ScheduleJan. 10th – 60th Pancake Festival Kick-off Announcements
➢ Emanuel Panos
  • Paul Harris Awards – Awards will be presented at next week’s meeting
  • Rotarian of the Year – Also will be presented next week.
  • Breakfast Club Speaker – Members are invited to attend the breakfast club’s 7 A
    meeting on January 22nd to hear their speaker – Carol Jackson – Chairman & CEO –Harbison Walker
  •  Ray Kells
  • Enjoy Books – Ray Kells has 6 Enjoy Books left to sell at $30 ea. Need to know by tomorrow which is the last day to turn in the money.
  • Easter Egg Hunt – Scheduled for Saturday, April 6th; Rain Day option is April 13th
    ➢ Karen Pfeil
  • Wreath Removal – Karen reminded the members that January 26th at 8 AM will be the
    effort to remove wreaths from graves at the Cemetery of the Alleghenies. Let her know if
    you will be participating. Check the route to the cemetery since there are road closures.
  • Assistance – Members are reminded that Karen will be absent for a number of weeks after January 8th due to a medical procedure and will need assistance for her duties as Director of Community Service
    Program Speaker – John Panos – Past Recipient – Club’s Service Above Self Award
    • John is in his senior year at the University of Cincinnati and is home for the holidays and stopped by to update the Club Members on his plans and activities
    • He is looking to graduate this year with a degree in Marketing with a minor in Sports Administration
    • Planning to start in August with Reynolds & Reynolds, an Automotive Retailer specializing in automotive technology and digitalization. He will be in outside sales in the Pittsburgh area
    • Cincinnati has a Steeler’s Bar called Martino’s – Non-Steeler fans are kicked out.
  • In April-May last year he studied abroad in Capetown, South Africa helping 5 entrepreneurs in the area of marketing
  • Cape Town is in the grip of a catastrophic three-year-long drought as sparse winter rains have failed to bring relief, and dam levels have dropped to dangerously low levels.
  • South Africa has two economies – an upper economy and a lower economy. John’sefforts with the entrepreneurs were in the lower economy.
  • John regaled about his experiences as an equipment manager with the University of Cincinnati football team. He and his parents, Emanuel & Angela, went to the Military Bowl at the Naval Academy on New Year’s Eve. The Cincinnati Bearcats beat the Virginia Tech Hokies 35-31 in an exciting game. John had to be at the stadium 6 hours before the game and had to stay 2 hours after the game. He related some insight on how the referees appeared to favor Virginia in the manner in how they handled changing the balls to keep them dry during a rainy day game.
    ➢ Herm Dieckmann – Chairman – 60th Annual Pancake Festival – March 2nd
  • Kick-off – Official kick-off will be at the January 10th meeting
  • Tickets – Tickets have been printed; Friendship Village sponsored the printing of the
  • Ticket Sales Teams – There will be four ticket sales teams designated for PF60:
    Team 1 - FVSH & USCSD Team - Shook, Taylor, Welty, Suess, Engel, Rozzo, Zebo & Interact Club
    Team 2 - USC Team - Herm Dieckmann, Bolas, Atkins, Hamel, Donovan, Knopp, Biedrzycki, Pitcairn, Piconi & Panos
    Team 3 - Mt. Lebo/BP Team - Donahoe, Heather Dieckmann, Maines, Cooper, Rohrich, Kells, Hinerman & Detig
    Team 4 - South Team - Theakston, Beck, Provil, Estabrook, Jackson, James, Smith, Westerman
o Each team to designate a captain to distribute tickets and gather the team’s money.o All money to be turned in to the Club Treasurer – Ray Kells or his designee
o Steak dinners go to 1st and 2nd place teams
o Special recognition awards will go to the top 5 salespeople in the Club
• Sponsorship Ad Team – Emanuel Panos volunteered to lead the team. Members of his team will be assigned next week. Members who helped last year were Ray Kells, Jim Hinerman, Heather Dieckmann, and Jim Bolas. All members are requested to identify two sponsors (e.g. doctors, dentists, hairdressers, barbers, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.)