Posted by Jim Bolas
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting 
Club Meeting Program Schedule
Jan. 24th– TBD – Club Board Meeting after Regular Meeting
Jan. 31st– TBD – Club Fdn. Board Meeting after Regular Meeting
  • Emanuel Panos 
  • Cliff Taylor– Jim Hinerman agreed to lead the Club’s recognition of Cliff at his Memorial Service at Friendship Village at 11 AM on Saturday, January 19th. The Club is to consider possibly donating funds to Rotary Foundation’s Polio Plus Campaign in Cliff’s name since he was very active in Rotary’s Polio Plus initiative from the beginning.
  • Board Meeting – Next Club board meeting will be held after next week’s meeting.
  • Foundation Meeting – The next Club Foundation meeting will be held after the Club’s January 31stmeeting
  • Heather Dieckmann – District 7300 Events
  • January 22nd– 7 AM - Breakfast Club Speaker Harbison-Walker Chairman & CEO Carol Jackson (Club members are invited)
  • January 26th– 7:30 AM - District 7300 Mid-Year Review at Crowne Plaza Hotel – Greentree
  • January 31st– 5:30 PM - “WE” – The Women of Rotary – Gaetano’s Banquet Center
  • February 9th-  10AM-2:30 PM – Rotary Membership Summit - Pittsburgh Plaza Hotel – Greentree 
  • February 27th– 11:15 AM - Pittsburgh Rotary Ethics Excellence Awards – Omni William Penn Hotel
  • March 7th– RI’s Major Gift Officer – Major Donor Dinner - Cranberry
  • March 13th– Leadership Ethics Institute – La Roche College 
  • March 23rd– PETS – President-Elect Training Seminar
  • Jim Bolas – January 12thPF60 Meeting
  • Meeting held last Saturday between Herm Dieckmann, Jim Hinerman, Ray Kells, Jim Bolas, and John Donahoe to discuss PF60 planning. The following key points were noted:
  1. 3 placements are planned to display sponsorship ads. $250 ads appear on all 3 placemats, $100 ads on one placemat and $25 business name ads will be listed.
  2. The goal is to obtain more $250 ads and beat the $5000 level achieved in 2018
  3. Herm will work with Rick Smith to develop a continual running slide show at PF60 to show the Club’s many activities and to display $500 business ads
  4. Consideration to be given to dedicating PF60 to Cliff Taylor; ideas to do so are welcome
  5. To incentivize businesses to sponsor ads consideration will be given to provide them two free tickets which can be supported by donations from members who “write checks” in lieu of selling tickets. The goal is to increase attendees at PF60.
  6. $500 ads will also be sought for display on a large poster above the napkin/silverware table
  7. It was agreed by the members in attendance that to help sell tickets arrangements will be made with church youth groups offering them $5 of the proceeds for each ticket (adult and children) sold. Such proceeds will need to be designated for good works.
  8. Also, the issue of more advanced planning for future pancake festivals be considered in the future. 
Program - Barbara Piconi – Rotary Foundation – Paul Harris Awards
  • Paul Harris (PH) Recipients
  • New PH – Emanuel Panos
  • PH Plus 4 – Jim Hinerman
  • PH Plus 6 – Heather Dieckmann
  • PH Plus 8 – John Donahoe
New Paul Harris-Emmanuel Panos
Paul Harris Plus Four Jim Hinerman
Paul Harris Plus Six Heather Dieckmann
Paul Harris Plus Eight John Donahoe
  • 2018 Gourmet Dinner– Club’s distribution of proceeds from the Club’s Annual Gourmet Dinner is $18,400 to Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund and $2000 to Polio Plus
  • 100% Club Member Participation in Paul Harris – The Club membership has achieved 100% participation except for the Corporate Members. However, once achieved the Club can continue to display the 100% participation designation.
  • Bob Williams Scholarships – Due to fund investment performance the trustees have decided to forego scholarships for one year. However, each District Club is encouraged to sponsor a $5000 scholarship for a student in its area. Fox Chapel’s Club Fdn has already agreed to do so. The Bethel-St. Clair Rotary Fdn will discuss the issue at its January 31stmeeting.