Posted by Jim Bolas
Past-President Laura Maines chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
February 15th – Valentine’s Day Dinner – 6:15PM
February 22nd – Ron Hestadien – National Cemetery of the Allegenies
  • Laura Maines
  • Valentine’s Day Dinner – Will be held Thursday, Feb. 15th. Cost is $40. All members are encouraged to sign-up and attend with spouses or significant others. Please contact Heather ASAP to finalize attendee count.
  • Emanuel Panos – Chairman - 2018 Pancake Festival
  • Tickets – Emanuel stated that some members still do not have their tickets;  25 adult tickets will be mailed to these members. All members are expected to sell/donate the equivalent of $225 for the 59th Annual Rotary Pancake Festival.
  • Placement Mat Ads – Good progress being made on obtaining sponsorships from local businesses and individuals.
  • Outreach Organizations – The designated organizations who will be receiving the proceeds from the Pancake Festival have been engaged to sell tickets and volunteer to work at the event.
  • PF Work Schedule – The work schedule will be issued one week prior to the March 3rd Pancake Festival. Let Emanuel know where and when you wish you work.
  • Bake Sale – Please let Angela Panos know what baked goods you and/or your spouse wish to donate.
  • Auction  - John Donahoe reported that he is in good shape on the auction
  • Grill Preparation – Members and volunteers are to assemble at 1PM tomorrow at Westminster Church to inspect and prepare the pancake grills. Need help to bring the grills out of storage.
Program – Bob Theakston – Paul Harris Fellows
  • Paul Harris recognition is given in appreciation to individuals who contribute, or has a contribution made on their behalf, a gift of $1000 or more to the Rotary Foundation. Each subsequent $1000 contribution is designated a Paul Harris Fellow Plus up to Plus 8.
  • The Rotary Foundation supports programs worldwide to provide food, water, healthcare, immunizations, education and shelter to millions of people in need.
  • Based on our Club’s 2017 Gourmet Dinner we were able to donate $23,000 to the Rotary Foundation which continues our Club’s leading efforts with Rotary International in support of the Rotary Foundation.
  • The following members have met the requirements to receive the following Paul Harris fellowships:
  • Plus 1 – Laura Maines & Rick Smith
  • Plus 2 – Heather Dieckmann
  • Plus 4 – Tim Donovan
  • Plus 5 – Michael Shook
  • Plus 7 – John Donahoe, Ray Kells & George Pitcairn
   Left to Right:  Bob Theakston, John Donahoe, Laura Maines, Rick Smith, 
  Tim Donovan, Ray Kells & George Pitcairn
  • The Club membership gave a healthy applause to the Paul Harris Fellowship recipients.
Jim Bolas