Posted by Jim Bolas
President Emanuel Panos chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
  • March 2nd - 60th Annual Pancake Festival
  • March 7th – TBD
  • March 14th – Doug Piconi - “What are cryptocurrency and Bitcoin”
    District Schedule
  • March 7th – RI’s Major Gift Officer – Major Donor Dinner - Cranberry
  • March 13th – Leadership Ethics Institute – La Roche College
  • March 23rd – PETS – President-Elect Training Seminar
    ➢ Emanuel Panos
    Rotary Club Brochure – Emanuel reminded the members that a Club brochure
    has been printed for PF60 which will be placed on all the tables informing the attendees about Rotary and the Rotary Club of Bethel-Park. Hopefully, such information will lead some attendees to consider joining Rotary.
    March 7th Meeting – A member of the Dormont Club will be visiting to publicize their key fundraiser “A Taste of the South Hills” on March 30th at the Castle Shannon Memorial Hall.
    ➢ Herm Dieckmann – Chair – 60th Annual Pancake Festival
    Ticket Sales - All members are encouraged to sell tickets for the event to
    increase attendance over last year. Be sure to turn money into team captains
    (i.e. Jim Bolas, Jim Hinerman & Tracy Estabrook) at the Pancake Festival
  • Work Schedule – Several openings exist in the current work schedule (e.g. hall
    management) which will need to be filled before Saturday
  • Friday Set-up – Members volunteered to provide 4-5 SUVs to help transfer
    supplies from the Club’s storage locker in Bethel Park. All volunteers to meet at Subway at 10 AM Friday morning. Set-up at the church starts at 11 AM. All who help on Friday set-up are invited with spouses to gather at Al’s Café at 6 PM for dinner.
  • Rotarian Clothing – All Rotarians are reminded to wear a white Rotary Club top and khaki pants.
  • 50/50 Raffle – 4 rolls of tickets will be bought for the 50/50 raffle. Two rolls of one color and two of another color.
  • Pancake Grilling – Recommend that pancakes be made of a consistent size which is smaller than the size made last year. All Rotarians involved in serving food should pay attention to maintaining sanitary conditions. Plastic gloves were recommended. It was agreed that attention should be given to limiting non-Rotarian access to the grilling operations.
  • Volunteers – It was agreed that volunteers should be given a free ticket at sign-in. ➢ Barbara Piconi – Rotary Foundation
• Barbara announced the recognition of two Paul Harris awardees:
   Keith Jackson – Paul Harris 2
- Ray Detig – Paul Harris 1
  • Barbara stated that all active Club members are now Paul Harris fellows which is excellent.
  • It was noted that on March 7th Kevin Kelly, Rotary International’s Major Gifts Officer will be hosting a dinner at The Springfield Grille in Mars, PA. for those members considering major donor status.
    ➢ Ray Kells
• Ray informed members that the Club has donated $1140 to the Polio Plus fund with the
Rotary Foundation in memory of our recently deceased member Cliff Taylor.
➢ Tom Atkins
• Tom informed the members in Good News of his recent fishing trip south of Orlando, Florida catching numerous large bass as shown below: