Posted by Jim Bolas
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
March 1st – Final Wrap-up for Pancake Festival
March 3rd - 59th Pancake Festival
March 8th -  TBD
  • Heather Dieckmann 
  • PF Work Schedule – Preliminary schedule sent by e-mail to all members. If you are not shown on the work schedule please notify Heather where and when you wish to work. Contact Heather Dieckmann
  • NEED VOLUNTEERS – Contact Jim Hinerman or Emanuel Panos
Monday – February 26th – 1 PM – Install PF sign on church lawn 
Friday – March 2nd – 11 AM – Meet at Subway near Bethel Park Industrial Park with SUVs to pick-up PF supplies from storage locker
Friday – March 2nd – Noon – Meet at Westminster Church to prepare hall
Note: Friday – 7 PM – Al’s Café – Volunteers and spouses have dinner
  • Ticket Sales – Members are encouraged to sell/donate the equivalent of $225 of tickets and turn-in money to Emanuel Panos or Ray Kells. IF YOU DONATE DISTRIBUTE THE TICKETS TO ENCOURAGE ATTENDANCE.
  • Beth Gardner – The members in attendance contributed to a “going away” fund which was presented to Beth in appreciation for her service to the Club.
  • Dick Beck
  • Club shirts were made available for all the female Club members
Program – Speaker - Ron Hestadien – National Cemetery of the Alleghenies
Karen Pfeil introduced Mr. Hestadien, Director of the National Cemetery
  • In 1862, under Lincoln 14 national cemeteries were established 
  • Between 1865-1870 a federal reburial program was initiated to move the remains of over 300,000 soldiers to the national cemeteries with only 58% of the soldiers specifically identified. Dog tags were mandated in 1913.
  • National cemeteries are administered by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  • There are now 135 national cemeteries in the U.S and 2 more under construction
  • Arlington cemetery is under the DoD and Gettysburg under the Dept. of the Interior
  • A national cemetery must have in residence at least 80,000 veterans within 75 miles.
  • Burial eligibility – Veterans who served on active duty with an honorable discharge or died while on active duty, enlisted person with 2 years of continuous service, Reservists/National Guard member, spouses of a veteran, minor children (under age of 21)
  • The National Cemetery of the Alleghenies provides the following:
  • Gravesites
  • Grave Liners
  • Perpetual Care
  • Burial Flag
  • Tombstones/Markers
  • Presidential Memorial Certificate
  • Military Honors
  • The National Cemetery of the Alleghenies performed its first burials in August 2005, covers 292 acres and has 14 employees and 40 volunteers and serves over 320,000 veterans in southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia.
  • Before the site was converted to a cemetery the site has been constantly farmed since the 1800s. The region was the flashpoint of the historic Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.