Posted by Jim Bolas
President Heather Dieckmann chaired the meeting
Club Meeting Program Schedule
April 12th – Barbara Piconi – Rotary Foundation
April 19th – Dr. Lisa White – Integrated Leadership Systems
April 26th – Pancake Festival Proceeds Distribution Dinner
May 3rd – Annual Tech Awards Dinner
  • Ray Detig
  • Rebuilding Together – Ray has been involved with Rebuilding Together for many years. The mission of Rebuilding Together is “Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives” and has about 10,000 projects each year. Ray was previously involved with the organization in Maryland and in the Pittsburgh area. Currently involved with the breakfast and lunch clubs in raising funds (target is $5000) and volunteering to help Rebuilding Together on projects in Pittsburgh. There is an opportunity to volunteer for a project on April 28th. Contact Ray to get involved.
  • Ray Kells
  • Pancake Festival – Preliminary unaudited results for the Club’s 59th Annual Pancake Festival held on March 3rd shows a net income of $20,773 which is an approximate $1000 improvement over 2017. Expenses were down, ad revenue was up and ticket sales and attendance were down.
  • Spelling Bee – The Club’s annual 3rd-grade Spelling Bee at St. Louise de Marillac was successful. There were 7 participants who went 15 rounds. 3rd grader Ben Hopkins won the Spelling Bee and will be the Club’s representative at the District Conference. It was noted that the leftover free tickets and other benefits provided by Wild Things for the Easter Egg Hunt were distributed to the 3rd graders at the Spelling Bee.
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • April 7th District Assembly – Will be held at The Crowne Plaza in Greentree between 8:30-11: 30 AM. Bob Williams Scholarships will be presented as will an explanation of the Presidential Citations.
  • April 15th Rotary Foundation Luncheon – The Club does have a table of 10 assembled and will donate a basket for the auction. Both will grant the Club a Paul Harris.
  • Speaker – District Governor Ward Garner – Ward had to cancel his attending tonight’s meeting due to having pneumonia.
  • Milt Hamel
  • Milt regaled the members with the adventure he and Carol had spending 3 weeks in an Airbnb tiny home in Atlanta.