Posted by Jim Bolas
Club Meeting Program Schedule
April 26th– Pancake Festival Proceeds Distribution Dinner
May 3rd– Annual Tech Awards Dinner
  • Heather Dieckmann
  • District Foundation Brunch – Our Club obtained two Paul Harris awards for having a table of 10 and providing a basket for the silent auction.The Club has over 8 Paul Harris Awards to give out to worthy individuals. Appreciate recommendations from the membership on selecting individuals for Paul Harris Awards.
  • Pancake Festival Proceeds Distribution – Members were reminded that at next week’s dinner the organizations which are recipients of the proceeds from this year’s pancake festival will send representatives who will be given checks and be given the opportunity to tell the Club members what their organizations plan to do with the funds. Members were also reminded that the top PF ticket sellers will be given steak dinners at a future meeting.
  • District Conference – Seven Springs – Club members were also reminded to sign-up for the May 18th-20thDistrict Conference. Those who wish to golf on Friday, the 18thneed to send in the information and monies to the District.
  • Laura Maines
  • May 17thEvery Child Golf Outing Fundraiser– This year’s golf outing will be held at Laurel Valley. Registration starts at 11 AM, lunch prior to 1 PM tee-off. Dinner following golf. $1800 for twosomes, $3200 for foursomes.
  • Herm Dieckmann
  • April 28thRebuilding Together Pittsburgh – Members were reminded that if they wish to volunteer to work on house rehabilitation for a family in need they can come to Mt. Oliver – Hays St. on Saturday, April 28thto lend their skills. Work on the house will take place between 8:30 AM-4: 30 PM.
Program – Speaker – Lisa White Ph. D., MSW – Integrated Leadership Systems
Jim Hinerman introduced Lisa White, Consultant, with Integrated Leadership Systems whose mission is: “We are in the business of creating a sustainable future for the world community by empowering people to lead more effectively and its vision is: “To become the most effective leadership development organization in the world.”
Lisa received her B.S. in Psychology from Jackson State University, Masters of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Capella University. Her current objective is to utilize her coaching background and education to empower and build more effective business leaders.
Her presentation focused on communicating “authentically”. She provided worksheets which are typically used in her workshops to help people learn the following:
  • How to improve your ability to communicate
  • How to listen more attentively
  • How to mediate discussions between others
  • Techniques to practice for having assertive conversations
  • How to handle difficult people more productively
Be a good listener:To help improve your communications develop effective listening skills such as (a) good eye contact; (b) respond to show you understand what is being said; (c) rephrase what others are saying to make sure you understand; (d) don’t think about what to say next – listen; (e) mirror the other party’s emotions; (f) ask questions; (g) observe non-verbals
Change dysfunctional beliefs to improve understanding
Develop assertiveness to improve positive communications
Try to not shut down communication with others by what you say and do
The members were engaged in sharing situations they experienced where conflict or misunderstandings in communications were beneficial and/or hurdles to achieving solutions.