Rotarywh-4p-ol-gd International in General: It is a challenge to stay abreast of all that is going on in Rotary on an international scale (but it is very gratifying to do so!) 

Devote an eMakeUp to getting caught up with what is happening in RI (see below) and exploring some aspect of Rotary International which up until now has been more-or-less unfamiliar to you. New initiatives are continually being taken by Rotary, which is a vast and resource-rich organization with enormous potential for effecting practical, positive change in the world with regard to health and poverty

Now that you have spent some time getting updated as to new developments within Rotary International, why not regard it as time spent making up a meeting?

You can use this activity as Step 1 in a 2-step eMakeUp with RE-CLC; to complete Step 2 just click on this button and follow the Step 2-instructions: