Gift of a Smile...

Visiting teams of dental surgeons and specialist nurses visit Guatemala every 2 months or so to treat children with cleft lips and palates.  In our case, all the work has been carried out by the 'Free to Smile Foundation'.  They finance the actual operations and undertake operations on up to 60 children a time.  Most children require two separate operations spread over a couple of years, and they will require continuing care as they grow up.  

TESS Unlimited identifies the children, records details of them and their parents, and raises funds for all the associated costs.

TESS  arranges where the operations will be held, where the children and their parent will stay, and much more.  

 A $275 contribution pays for a 1-2 hour surgery that will completely change a child’s life.

No longer will life be a burden, this for child. 

Such a simple surgery makes a life changing difference.


TESS Unlimited provides access to care where otherwise it wouldn't be available

Ongoing Speech Therapy


A baby with a specially adapted feeding bottle


Surgeons from 'Smile Train'

Our first grant approved in November 2015 paid for cleft lip operations for 3 boys and cleft palate operations for 3 girl carried out in Patzun in February 2016. 

When another club's district grant project failed to proceed in late 2015 more money became available early in 2016.  We applied for and obtained a second grant of £600 to pay for follow-up treatment for the 6 children. This has so far paid for on-going speech therapy for 3 girls and a second lip operation for one boy (August 2016).  We will use the rest for other treatments for the 6 children.  This is on-going whilst funds remain.