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Rotary and the UN
Conversations at the United Nations, An Inside Look at the Permanent Missions, UN Administration, and Non-Governmental Organizations - written by Thomas V. McConnon. He gives a unique insight into Rotary's relationship with the UN through reports of many conversations between Rotarians and UN Leaders.
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Entering our 109th Year
You are cordially invited to attend the Induction of Officers and Directors of The Rotary Club of New York, The Host Club of America. The guest speaker will be Alfred C. Cerullo, III. The Installation will take place on Thurs. Jul 12 at 12 noon. Make your reservations now!
    names and other info inside.

Our speaker for Jun 28 will be Dan Devone. Dan is an experienced sportscaster with coast-to-coast exposure. His topic will be 'Today's Professional Athlete and Their Political Agenda'
    more details inside.

Official FDNY Photos
The Fire Department of NY recently posted their official photos taken at RCNY's Mar 26 Firefighter Recognition. They've invited us to view the album and to share.
    sample photos inside & link to main album.

Great Nations
RCNY's May 24h meeting was a celebration of Germany, underlining both long-standing NY German heritage as well as Rotary Club's dedication to celebrating its international involvement with great nations.
    more inside.

Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms
We've set up a special event for the evening of Aug 23 especially for our members. It's an after-hours guided tour of the NY Historical Society's "Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms" and Highlights of the Permanent Collection. Make your reservations soon for an evening of shared enrichment.
    details & reservation info inside.

District Food Outreach
President Jasmin, through the District Food Outreach Program, delivered food and drinks for a Memorial Day Veterans BBQ arranged by the RCNY on May 23rd, 2018. Yet another symbolic act of our strong feeling of gratitude for our Veterans. Most appreciated was the help of our member volunteers, Fusun Hofer, Ilka Woerner, Dr. George Onourah. Also participating of course were the Volunteers of America - GNY with the kind coordination of Keisha Hackney.
    photos inside.

Nurturing, Caring Rotarians
The National Rotary Firefighters Home in Houston celebrated it's second annual Gala, "Hope Rises", on Mar 24. Helen Reisler and Scarlett Pildes attended along with 9/11 heroes, Lt. Joe Torillo and Dr. Anthony Dejar at Helen's invitation.
    report from Helen & photos inside.

Feature at District Conference
Larry Cohen and Jim Kushner set up 2 exhibit tables at the District Conference on Apr 27-28. Actual water filters and solar lights were exhibited along with stunning photos of Larry and Jim’s involvement in the Puerto Rico disaster relief efforts.
    photos inside.
Rotary's Fourth Avenue of Service
RCNY's International Service Division holds monthly informal meetings, to exchange information and opportunities. Our May 10 meeting featured the Rotary Nomads (Rotary E-Club of Australia Nomads) and Matt Gerber - Nonprofit, CSR & Corporate Philanthropy Consultant.
    photo and some shared info inside.

Food Outreach Program
Discover more about District 7230's Food Outreach Program - View a video of the Project which took place on Apr 28 at the Church Street School, White Plains in conjunction with the District Conference
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A Member Benefits Program
We've launched our Rotary Global Rewards app (available in the App Store and on Google Play) because of feedback from valued members like you. You told us that you wanted offers to be categorized for easy navigation, and you wanted to use Rotary Global Rewards on the go. So we put these features in the Rotary Global Rewards app.
    more details & links inside.

International Breakfast - April 18
For those of you who either missed the most interesting presentation by Jonathan Granoff from April 18 at the UN, or requested a summary please see the written summation of his presentation inside.

Hurricane Harvey Donation
The Rotary Club of University Area, Houston has sent us a thank you for our donation to their Hurricane Harvey Fund. It then went to help food pantries, firefighter's funds and more.
    full letter & a report inside.
Promising International Collaboration
The Rotary Club of New York has ratified a twinship agreement via our Italian Rotarian friend from Naples. Gaetano Trotta whose ties to Naples initiated this Rotary Partnership. It was signed by both District Governors, Luciano Lucania and Janet DiBenedetto and the Presidents of both clubs Luigi Califano and Dr. Jasmin Cowin.

We are most excited to have established yet another most promising international collaboration.  view agreement inside.

Non-Profit Group Provides Growth/Expansion
Computers For Schools Burundi is a non profit organization registered in the republic of Burundi whose principal objective is to modernize the Burundi education system through the use of information and communications technologies by equipping local schools with computers. President Cowin has personally contributed and urges more of us to do so as well.
    details and photos inside.

50 Years of Recognition
Our April 12 luncheon meeting marked the 50th anniversary of RCNY's Recognition of the NYPD and it's contrlibutions to us all.
    photos inside.
Fostering Growth & Development
RCNY President Dr. Cowin, through the RCNY Foundation, has offered support to the  Harlem Knights team of Frederick Douglass Academy, participants in a STEM program (Science Technology, Engineering, Math) part of the the US Dept. of Education's education program (STEM). The Knight's team is part of "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology" (FIRST) which focuses on robotics.
    more on the Knights, FIRST, & STEM inside.

Helen Reisler Speaks
Helen Reisler was a featured speaker at The 2018 Global MUN Conference, sponsored by the Italian Diplomatic Academy. The Global Citizens Model United Nation, was a 3-day intense conference held in NYC March 8-11. High School students had the opportunity to live and breathe the real life of an ambassador with it's participants spending at least one full day at United Nations Headquarters. 
    photos inside.

Thanks for Your Support
Spicer Khakoo is a Rotary member and head of this charity, which is a response to the global water crisis. They're a community committed to providing clean water for children in underdeveloped parts of the world. Spicer sends us a letter and an intensive update about their activities.
    much more inside.
Attention Past Members/Rotary Alumni
During the Board of Directors meeting on July 13, 2017 motions were made to encourage past members/Rotary Alumni rejoin for the first year at a 50% reduced fee and that members who bring in a member who pays the full membership fee will receive a $250 dues reduction with the following dues cycle. Both incentives were approved unanimously.

Contact Andreas Runggatscher for further information.