A group from the Rotary Club of Mount Vernon's Tour de Cypress bike ride traveled to Wichita Falls on Thursday, 24 August, to promote the TdC 20th Anniversary ride coming up in April 2024.  This was the first time in about ten years that a group has gone to the HotterN'Hell Bike Ride to promote Tour de Cypress Bike Ride.  In the past, our presence at HH100 helped us get the word out and attract new people to our ride. 
For the HH100 three day event, we decided to promote our ride by offering a HH100 discount.  We are excited to report that 12 cyclists signed up for our 20th anniversary ride in April 2024!!  While that doesn't sound like many, this is the first time for us to even attempt signing up participants before January 1.
A Bit About HH100
Back in 1982, Wichita Falls was celebrating their centennial.  A group of bicyclists proposed a bicycle ride, 100 miles in 100-degree heat to celebrate 100 years and came up with the name HotterN'Hell Hundred.  It is the largest 100-mile ride in the nation and typically has in excess of 10K riders EVERY year.  There are also hundreds of volunteers and it add approximately 5M dollars to the local economy.  The CamelBak hydration pack was even invented by a participant of the 1989 HH100 (who knew?)!