Posted by Scott Brunner on Oct 03, 2018
Good afternoon, Rotarians,
I appreciate everyone who was able to make it to the trial meeting at the Hilton this past week. I know there were many who simply couldn’t make it, but I’m glad we had such a great turnout. We’ll be talking with them more about what the Hilton can offer in terms of a long-term meeting location. For now, though, we are back at the church this week and beyond.
Our Interact Club at Pine Tree had a lot of fun Tuesday during the district’s homecoming carnival, which coincided with National Night Out. If you haven’t seen the photos on Facebook, the students were taking tickets to let visitors throw a pie into the face of a teacher or administrator. I was there for a while, and those teachers were covered!
Remember, we have a big Rotary weekend coming with the Amy Grant concert fundraiser and the District Conference. We have five people from the club registered for the District Conference at this point. I’d like to have at least 10 from our club there. The club can pay for several more registration fees, all you have to do it show up. Find the registration form here.
And we will not have a regular club meeting the Friday (Oct. 19) of that weekend.
At this Friday’s meeting, we will learn about the Rotary Exchange program, which is something the club hasn’t been involved with since I’ve been a member.
It is Russ Brown’s week to lead us in the song, pledge, prayer and 4-Way Test, and it’s Jack Jenkins’ week to provide the prize for Rusty’s Raffle.
The menu this week is spaghetti with meatballs, garlic bread and Caesar salad.
See you there,