Our Tuesday, July 11th club meeting guest speaker will be Daniel Moore. 
Daniel Moore is a patriotic, USAF Cold War veteran, humanitarian, Independent political activist, USW union member, blue collar steelworker and a creative, innovative solution oriented problem solver and social entrepreneur.

He has some college education in economics and business. Mr. Moore has received a large amount of media attention due to his volunteer work for the Trump campaign and his April 28, 2017 dinner and conversation with billionaire philanthropist Mark Zuckerberg and his staff in his Newton Falls, Ohio home.

He is an advocate for nuclear disarmament and encourages world leaders and his fellow citizens to move beyond traditional ways of thinking to help solve our monumental problems in a timely manner.

Daniel is a critic of Keynesian economic theories along with a growing number of supporters who are demanding systemic change and bold, daring, new ideas and revolutionary micro and macro economic initiatives.