“Media Literacy and the Social Studies: Building Critical Consumers of Information using Historical Thinking Skills”
Every day our students are bombarded with messages from the media. This can be overwhelming and present great difficulties in deciding what they can and cannot believe. Our task as Social Studies teachers is to give students the proper tools to critically analyze every source. This enabled our students, the next generations, to critically engage with sources, building awareness and citizenship.
Caitlin Goodwin is a 6-8 Social Studies teacher in the McGraw Central School District. She is a board member and newsletter editor for the Central New York Council for Social Studies and a member of the New York State Council for Social Studies, the National Council for Social Studies and National Council for History Educators and has presented at conferences for 3 of these organizations. Caitlin has attended many prestigious teacher institutes including 4 National Endowment for Humanities Landmark Workshops for Teachers and the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute. Most recently, Caitlin has been named a National Oratory Fellow through Ford’s Theatre and will be integrating oratory into her curriculum and bringing McGraw students to the National Oratory Festival in Washington D.C. where they will deliver speeches on the stage at Ford’s Theatre.  She is not only passionate about History, with particular interest in Civil Rights, she is passionate about giving students the skills to navigate life using applicable skills that can and should be taught in the Social Studies classroom.
Caitlin is a lifelong resident of Cortland County where she and her husband are raising two daughters. In addition to loving her career, she enjoys reading, live music, art, trivia and travel.