Posted on Feb 06, 2020
March 5, 2020
Stephanie Fancher of Loveland Ready Mix gave a talk about “Aggregates” which is basically “hardscape “of many types:  sand, decorative rock, rip rap, and flagstone. They have plants in Loveland, Johnstown, Boulder, and are getting ready to open a new plant in LaPorte.  Loveland Ready Mix has been in operation for 65 years – which is 3 generations starting with her grandfather and uncle (George and Harold) then her father, Steve, now she and her brother Brad.  Stephanie does the permitting for the mining of rock.  “If it can’t be grown, it must be mined.”  She finished up with this:  “How do geologists like their drinks?”    ……    “on the rocks
 February 27, 2020
Steve Moos, Thompson Career Campus Director
    • Our very own Steve Moos was our speaker,
    • The campus opens August 2020 with 260 students at this moment, can handle 360.
    • This is a career and technical school part of the Thompson School District teaching Health Sciences (including certified nursing assistant, diagnostic and medical assistant) Manufacturing and Design (include CAD and milling machinery), Information Technology (including Microsoft, Apple and Google cyber security) and Construction (including electrical, HVAC). Unique to their program, they also offer math and English core curriculum.
          February 20, 2020
    • Brandon from Harrington Arts Alliance
    • Brandon grew up in a theater family – this business is a Whole Family business
      • 93 shows - productions
      • Ultimate team sport
      • Visit schools with presentation – Pause/Menu/Play
    • 460 kids have been part of this fabulous venue
    • Lease is up 7/1/2020
    • Trying to raise funds to buy the current building – they are at $175K now and looking at $200K
    Additional information is available at
                             February 6, 2020
                             Jeff Pomranka, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels (MOW), Loveland & Berthoud
    • Loveland/Berthoud Meals on Wheels is oldest MOW organization west of the Mississippi River, having been operating 52 years.
    • The local MOW’s employs a social worker on staff to assist clients in staying in their homes as long as possible.
    • All meals provided by MOW provide 1/3 of recommended daily nutrition allowances
    • Meals are provided to home-bound clients short term or long term.
    • The local MOW serves 347 active clients, most are over the age of 80, with two clients over the age of 100
    • Median client age is 77, and most is 88.
    • Our local MOW annual fundraiser is Meals on Fourth (a gourmet dinner served by local restaurants and serving wines on 4th Street, Downtown Loveland), June 10,2020.   Tickets are available at,
    • Volunteer opportunities are available for servers at the Meals on Fourth Fundraiser.
    • Information on our local Meals on Wheels and volunteer opportunities can be found at or through contact at 970-667-0311.
    January 16, 2020
    District Governor, Chris Woodruff, updated the TVR Club on 5440 District activities
    • District Facts           
      • 2,900 Rotarians are in our 5440 District
      • 4 states are represented in 5440 District – N Colorado, WY, Nebraska, Idaho
      • 500 President-Elects Rotary members will be in 2020 PETS Training
    • Rotary International’s focus remains on ending polio
      • Partnership with Gates Foundation continues with 2-1 funding match
      • Polio eradication mission was initiated 35 years ago, 1985
    • RI Foundation Support
      • Rotary members are encouraged to support RI Foundation at $100/year; $25/quarter  donation
      • Rotary Foundation dollars are rated as most highly effective with 95% of each dollar applied to Rotary projects
    • Updating Events:
    More information and registration at
    November 7, 2019
    Keith Meyer, Citizens Climate Lobby, shared with the Club background on the proposed HR7-63 Bill being proposed to Congress in the effort to introduce a corporate carbon fee with the goal of reducing corporate carbon emissions.   Following are links to additional information on HR7-63.
    Keith’s presentation –link to the presentation
    For more information, Keith can be reached at
    October 24, 2019
    Jennifer Hewitt Apperson, Loveland Community & Strategic Planning Office presented an overview on Loveland’s latest statistics.
    Following are a few highlights:
    • Population                                         77,231
    • Number of Households                  32,587
    • Median Income                               $61,133
    • Median Age                                            39.1
    • Median Home Price                       398,664
    • Unemployment                                    2.3%
    • Median Household Size                     2.4
    Note Jennifer’s full presentation is sent with the email sending these meeting notes --
    August 29, 2019
     Mark Miller, Loveland’s Fire Chief, updated the Club on proposed capital projects for Loveland Fire Station upgrades that will
    come up for a $9M funding vote on the November ballot.
    • Construction has begun on Fire Station 7, across from Thompson Elementary School, Hwy 34.
    • Fire Station 10 is proposed to open 2021/2022 in Johnstown near Hwy 34 and I-25.   Land has been donated to support this station as Loveland services this Johnstown area.
    • Replacement of Fire Station 3 (on Wilson south of 1st St) with a 10,400 sq. ft. facility to be located near Hwy 402 & Cty. Road 21, near Loveland Classical School.
    • Renovation and expansion of Fire Station 5 (near Hwy 287 and 50th St) into a 10,500 sq. ft. facility.
    • Current fire station facilities are outdated and include the following difficulties:
      • Lack of gender privacy.
      • Lack of room for apparatus within current bay spaces.
      • Lack of compliance with health standards, especially relative to protections against exhaust. (Currently fire fighters have a 3x-5x chance of contracting cancer due to their exposure to exhaust.)
      • Lack of lobby areas and/or public restrooms.
    • Chief Miller reported that the City is looking at creating a new training facility, also.   The current facility is used by multiple city fire departments, and is in a populated area.   A new facility will be much larger and will be located in a less populated area.
    • Additionally, he reported that fire sprinklers are being installed in multiple downtown buildings.   The building owners are making use of a City incentive of up to $50,000 to bring water to the building and install sprinklers.
     August 22, 2019
    Tom Paulson introduced his son, Cole, who introduced the Club to his employer, Zynteo
    • Zynteo is a Norway based company focused on worldwide environmental projects with offices in Oslo, London, Mumbai, and Delhi.
    • Zynteo is focused on economic growth through corporate collaboration 
    • Projects include:
    o Disha – India-based development project supporting women.
    o Sea/LNG – Transformation of shipping industry to shift to liquid natural gas.
    o Plastic Maker Hubs – Working in reformatting plastic waste into products
    o Ikea – Focused on a “One House, One Product” project.
     Unilever/Zynteo is spearheading a project in Turkey finding meaningful work for Syrian refugees 
    • MasterCard is about to come on board with the refugee mentor/mentee program.
    Additional information can be found at
            August 1, 2019
    Woody Carlson and Pat Friehauf shared information on the  Larimer County Mobile Laundry
    -The Truck is modeled after Denver truck. Will serve 1750 homeless children in Ft Collins & Loveland
    - Whirlpool Corp. study shows that clean clothes provide improved attention, increased motivation, better grades
    - Truck and will include 6 washers, 7 dryers, do 30 loads a day
    June 20, 2019
                       Vanessa Lewis, Partners Mentoring Youth Development Director,  provided information regarding the organization
           From Partners Mentoring Youth website --
    • The vision of Partners Mentoring Youth is to enrich lives and build community as leaders in youth mentoring
    • Our Mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships between positive adult role models and youth facing challenges in their personal, social, and academic
    There are 139,000 youth living in Weld ad Larimer Counties, of which
    •  20,700 live in poverty
    • 32,500 live with a single parent
    • 10% chronically miss school
    • 77% engage in binge drink
    • 17% consider or have attempted suicide
    • 1 in 3 will grow up without an adult mentor
    After one year in the program, the results include the following
    • Decreased delinquency and negative behaviors
    • Increase self-esteem and confidence
    • Improved academic performance
    • Better ability plan for their future·      
    Partners Mentoring Youth has been in NOCO for 40 years serving youth between the ages of 7-17
    Last year, 540 youth were served in NOCO.·      ·      
    Matching of youth with mentors is an intentional process, working with schools, police, and social services.·      
    Time commitment for mentors is 3 hours/week with a 1-year commitment that integrates the youth into their day-to-day lives.·      
    There are school-based programs in Ft Collins, Greely, and Estes Park that required a 1 hour/week commitment from mentors.·      
    Program Partner Coordinators are on call 24/7 to assist the youth and the mentors.
    Vanessa can be reached at 970-484-7123 or for more information.
    J             June 6, 2019
    Diane Lapierre, Mark Jackson, and Leanne Williams updated the Club on the “Loveland Your City, Your                                                                                                                                                                   Future" Community Improvement Program’s progress
    • The program’s purpose is to engage the community in support of a half-cent increase in sales tax to support proposed Loveland capital projects that will be on the November ballot.
    • Project proposed include:
    • Replacement of Fire Station #3
    • Renovation and expansion of Fire Station #5 
    • New community recreation center – proposed 80,000 sq. foot facility in NW Loveland near Mahaffey Park
    • Museum remodel and expansion into the Reporter Herald Building, which has been purchased by the City
    • New branch library – proposed to be adjacent to the new recreation center
    • Eisenhower/34 improvements
    • Complete Taft Avenue projects
    • Recreational trail underpasses
    The City engaged a consulting firm and formed a Citizens Task Force to explore options and consider the programs
                 Citizens were surveyed through mail and phone surveys.
    • 70% feel the city is going in the right direction.
    • 69% of citizens surveyed are in favor of all 8 projects.
    • A feasibility study showed tremendous growth in the NW portion of Loveland.
    A half-cent increase in City sales tax is proposed for 21 years.
    Estimated cost to average household is $31/year
    Loveland currently has lowest sales tax in the region.   Comparable to Loveland’s 3.0 sales taxes, Greely has a 4.11 sales tax.
    The community is asked to support the proposal in upcoming City Council meetings:
     July 16 and August 6 -- City Hall, Council Chambers, 6:00 p.m.
     Additional information can be found on the City’s website at