Speaker Date Topic
Susan Citroni Jan 24, 2018
German Centre for Extended Care
German Centre for Extended Care

The mandate of Deutsches Altenheim, Inc. is to provide an elder care setting that cultivates and preserves the traditions and culture of persons of German heritage.

We welcome individuals of every religion, ethnicity, and background, who may choose to benefit from our ability to offer the most advanced senior health care services in a German cultural environment.

Recognizing the diversity of individual needs and circumstances, we are committed to provide those services that will assist each individual to achieve and maintain his/her maximum level of dignity and independence.

Kim Mellen and Rachel Calabrese Feb 14, 2018

ConfiKids, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We believe, that in today’s world,  children meet their social circles, learn new skills and build confidence through activities and programs.

Learning a new skill or craft, or continuing in an activity that a child loves does so much for a child when it comes to self-confidence. They also meet other children with mutual interests and build a foundation ion learning who they are and what they enjoy. Children will continue to try to excel in an activity or take a chance of trying something new!

ConfiKids will help families with children who would like to enroll in these activities and can not afford to do so. Simply apply online and email us your child’s Free Lunch eligibility. Our panel will look at each scholarship and we hope to help as many children as possible.

Tobe Armendariz and Cory Miller Feb 21, 2018
Tortilleria Mi Niña®
Tortilleria Mi Niña®

After years of enjoying fresh corn tortillas shipped by my mother-in-law from my wife’s home town in Mexico, I decided it was time to share real corn tortillas with the rest of New England.

In 2011, I opened Tortilleria Mi Niña®, the first tortilla bakery in New England that produces tortillas authentically from a true old world recipe, using only the best ingredients.

At Tortilleria Mi Niña®, we utilize the same techniques from the Aztec period. We cook whole grain corn with water and lime and we use hand-carved volcanic stones to grind the corn mixture - a process known as “Nixtamalization.”

We pride ourselves on staying true to tradition and I am grateful to be able to share my tortilla products with my family and yours.