Our newest fundraiser was a success There was good co-operation from members which made the event a good time as well as financially a winner.
We owe a ton of kudos to Lisa Breidenstein and Joan Lillis.

Report: Thank you to everyone that helped with and attended our Rotary Meat Raffle. It was a huge success!
The event was successful due to the many hands....we would like to thank the Meat Raffle Committee of Mike Fabian, Tom Wright, Matt Bystrak, Kelli Cavo, Amy Thompson and Jean Nihill. The Committee put in a great deal of time and effort to make our first Meat Raffle run smoothly. We are having a wrap meeting next week and hopefully will have our final financial report...we are waiting for a few bills.

Thanks to all who brought in their bottles of “cheer” and to Jordan Kamholz for donating the wheelbarrow!!
Thank you to all who sold tickets for our event to family, friends and neighbors! We hope that everyone had a great time, enjoyed everyone’s company and won
some meat!!
We had a great deal of help the day/evening of the event....many thanks to all that helped set up, pick up the meat, runners selling tickets, worked the door, delivered meat, brought the easels and Rotary photos, helped count money and clean up!! We had so many Rotarians jump in to make this event a success!