Minutes of Membership and Public Relations Committee August Meeting
Held: 25th July 2014
Venue: Brian and Deirdre Turvey’s residence
Present: B Turvey, R Kemp, C West, K Warren, C Cottrell, B Klau, G. Honeychurch
Apologies: B Stenson, D Forbes
Director Brian went through the committee list and called for nominations to the set tasks. The outcomes are:
Membership - G Honeychurch
Website – C West (assisted by Dave Gillies and Chris Stone)
Sportsperson of the year – R Kemp, B Klau
Pride of Workmanship – C Cottrell, K Warren
Publicity Officer – Brian will approach Bill Stenson
General Business:
Committee was advised that the minutes of the meeting would be on the website.
The committee discussed options for easier management of the Bendigo Bank tents. More responsibility could be placed on users to collect, erect and return tents.
The committee saw merit in some members attending the Zonta birthday dinner but discussed the problems involved in reducing the number of annual Rotary meetings as laid out in the constitution.
Brian distributed a nomination form for new members as an opportunity to get the whole club involved in the membership drive stated by President Adrian as one of his objectives. The Committee endorsed Brian’s idea and accepted that there would be a variety of nominations of both gender. Kevin Warren moved a motion seconded by Brian Turvey that “This committee recommends, due to the difficulty in recruiting and retaining members, that women be welcomed as members of the Rotary Club of Port Lincoln” The committee agreed.
It was felt after lengthy discussion that the role of a Sergeant was important and kept interest in the membership and new members. Colin West moved a motion seconded by Kevin Warren that “The Club finds a different member each month to be the fines master”
Brian suggested that the committee make a budget request for the purpose of promoting the Club. The committee agreed.
The concept of a satellite Club was discussed and not recommended. It was felt that there was more value in building closer ties with people like YTAP.
Thank you:  Brian and Deirdre for hosting the meeting.
Next Meeting: TBA
Meeting closed: 4:30PM