Combined Committee meeting of Club Administration and Membership and Public relations
Lincoln Hotel 10th July 5pm
In an effort to keep all members up to speed with all other committee activities I will put the minutes in the eBulletin as an attachment. If you need to refer to them then they are permanantly available. Go to the Administration page of Clubrunner and select club administration and then go to the committee you want to see and look at the documents tab.
Minutes Combined Committee meeting
10th July 2014. Lincoln Hotel 5:00pm
Chairs: John Myers and Brian Turvey
Present: John Myers, Brian Turvey, Pat Callighan, Bill Stenson, Reg Kemp, Greg Jones, Colin West, Angus Preston, Branco Franco, Chris Stone, Adrian Glover, Greg Honeychurch, Brett Klau.
Apologies: Greg Patterson, Dave Gillies, Allan Burrows, Bill Watkins Chris Cotrell and David Forbes.
Minutes of previous meetings of both groups not available.
John Myers said our main objective was to support Adians objectives, give Greg Jones every opportunity of assistance with the 2015 District 9500 Conference to be held in Port Lincoln and to encourage membership increase.
Brian Turvey outlined his major objective i.e. to have a net increase in membership of 10 members. It was explained that although we can get new members but the big issue was retention and this needs considerable thought and effort.
President Adrian  reinterated that membership was a burning issue and is the biggest challenge for the year. The conference was the other big thing to concentrate on. He advised that Peter Barfoot is looking for a major project for the club to become involved with which may be a two to three project involving substantial funds. There would be considerable opportunity for member input into the choice of a project and no quick decisions will be made. Pat pointed out the resources of the Community Foundation should not be overlooked and this may be used to leverage funding from other organisations. This may be just the thing to get new members involved at an early part of their membership therby helping with their integration into the club. Brett Klau pointed out that new members should not be made to have significant workloads in all cases as generally they are already busy with work and family commitments etc. The existing major projects would still go ahead if that is what the club as a whole wants, for example Tunarama, Grape Picking, Sports person of the year and Pride of Workmanship.
Brian pointed out that there would not be allocations of all jobs but if members felt that they would like to take up a particular job then this would be encouraged.
John did suggest that the 100th year of ANZAC could be big and there may be some way that we could get involved in assisting Brad Flaharity and the local organisers. (N.B.District Muster).
Greg Jones advised that although it is still early days there has already been considerable work done. As there is at least one competing group having a conference at the same time (motorcycle group) security of venues was being arranged such as Puckridge Park and the Marina facility. Greg pointed out little issues such as trying to secure lower conference fees for our club as we would be involved in lots of work over the conference. The early bird rate set by District is $260 per head. District are trying to gain sponsorship to defray costs. Alcohol at the Puckridge Park wind up BBQ was talked about and the District did not want alcohol there but Greg pointed out that we would have alcohol. It was thought that a BYO system may overcome some licencing and demand issues. It was suggested that rosters should be put out to members as soon as possible to give members the knowledge of what is expected and if they could attend the dinner etc.
Branco pointed out that there could have been some acknowledgment of members who have served 40 years of service at the change over night as Allan Smith did get mentioned but others did not. We saw this as an oversight that should not have happened.
There was discussion as to the requirements this year and how meetings would be organised differently. There would be a Chairman and there would be a fines session where appropriate and the the role of Seargeant was to control the meeting. John would speak to Mike Munro about being the fines master since he did a good job at the last regular meeting.
Pat explained that he had already locked in some interesting speakers and that he would have club members prepare a short piece to club for time where fill in speakers were needed at short notice.
He also mentioned that there will be outside meetings and visits through the year.
Board will meet on the 18th of July at 5pm at Peter Barfoot’s office Washington St.
Club would meet possibly at John’s place on the 5th of August.