Our club stayed in an international framework with Rotarian Carl Vahl presenting photos and stories from his most recent trip to Myanmar. This was Carl's second trip in a year to serve as a team member for ALLIANCE FOR SMILES (check out the LINK below). Carl's role is registering possible candidates to repair cleft lip and palate malformations and tracking the paperwork throughout the process. He gets to meet children and families and makes lots of friends in the life changing surgery. 
The mission to Myamar, formerly Burma, had 10 days of surgeries, 1 day off, 89 surgeries, and 112 procedures. The mission, co-sponsored by the local Yangon Rotary Club, that would cost $60K and marked the 6000 successful surgery since the beginning of ALLIANCE FOR SMILES. The doctors, nurses, and other accompanying Rotarians, like Carl, are all volunteers intent on MAKING A DIFFERENCE! 
BRAVO! The purpose to "repair broken smiles in under-served countries" is made possible by many Rotarians. Follow the link below and consider donating! 
During Carl's presentation he gave members the opportunity to look away when graphic photos of surgeries was coming. He also share some of the customs. It was not an accident that we were served popcorn at our tables. It was Carl's way to talk about a regular treat in Myanmar, roasted crickets! YUM!
Thank you, Carl!