Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Canada was chartered as Club 4706 of District 7090 in March 1st, 1921
       Our Club Historian, Rotarian E.H. Brown records-"On March 16th, 1921, in the I>O>O>F> Hall, Queen Street, Under Charter No. 840, The Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Ontario was officially opened by District No. 4 Governor Harry Stanton (1920-21).
Charter Members
E.R. Blew;C.M. Borter; C.V. Bradford;R. Brown; W.H. Buckley;J.W. Charles;D.N. Fielding;L. Fischer; J.B. Hallworth; H.C. Hegleheimer; W.J. Hamilton; J.H. Jackson; A. Kinzinger; W. Kew; L.L. McGlashan; A.B. Robertson; H.P. Stephens; J.H. Somerville; F.H. Taylor; Dr. F.W.E. Wilson; and W.R. Whaley.
Charter Officers and Directors
President                    D.N. Fielding
Vice-President             Dr. F.W.E. Wilson
Treasurer                    J.J. Bamfield
Secretary                    J.B. Hallworth
Sgt at Arms                 F.H. Taylor
Directors                     J.W. Taylor
                                  A. Kinzinger
On March 1, 2004, our Club Historian Rotarian George Dalby published a book "History - The Rotary Club of Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada 1921-2004"
in recognition of over 80 years of Public Service. It is available from Club members and at the Public Library in Niagara Falls.
Rotary Anns- Ladies of Rotary Members 1937-1996
      For a period of 59 years, a small group of dedicated ladies met to pan and work at money making projects in aid of Rotary Objectives.  these ladies were most inventive in their methods of raising funds, some of which included holding coffee parties, Bridge Luncheons Valentine Dances, Raffles and Bake Sales.  Hundreds of dollars were raided by these ladies to help better the lives of the children under the care of our Club as we were an "Easter Seals" club and every member was assigned a physically challenged child to care for at our annual Christmas Parties and Club Picnics.  
      We recognize their contributions to our Club.