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As a vibrant, humorous and welcoming Club we invite you to come a join us in our quest to help local and international communities. We have a diversity of age groups in our club and are keen to continue learning from younger members who can provide their skills and knowledge of social media.

In this regard our connection with the Rotaract Club of Adelaide City (for under 30s) is an important one which provides an opportunity for those members of Rotaract who are required to move on to progress to our Club.

This is an opportunity which has become a focus of key members of our Club who have leadership roles in Rotary; so it is important to build on this initial momentum.

In late February 2019, it was decided by the Club that we would move our meetings to the Ibis Hotel in Grenfell Street. It has long been our desire to return to the "city square mile" as we are a city-based club.  In order to broaden our appeal to a wider range of possible members, the meeting schedule will now be breakfast on the first and third Thursday morning of the month and a dinner meeting on the fourth Thursday of the month.

To accommodate those retired (and other) members who would like to get together on the other weeks, we will meet informally at "The Stables" in Victoria Park at 930am on the second and (if it occurs) the fifth Thursday of the month for our so-called "Coffee Conversation".

Another major initiative which has arisen is the adoption by the Board of a classification for "Friends of Rotary", available to those who espouse the ideals of Rotary but are unable to find the time for regular  meetings.  The key to its success, as is the key to fostering new membership, is to have activities which “friends” and potential members can participate in so as to feel a part of Rotary.

Members of the Club in varying forums raise the need for new activities within the Club which act as a means of attracting new members and as a means of meeting the needs and interests of “friends”.  Without these activities there is likely to be a little inroad into growth of the Club.

Last update: 4 March 2019