Jun 25, 2015
Richard Jarrett
The ups and downs of tides

When Di and I visited the Channel Islands in 2008, we were amazed by the size of the tides – up to 12m – and we spent time watching them going in and out.  They are the second biggest tides in the world.  Since then, we have visited the Kimberleys in WA, the third biggest tides, and then last September, we went to the Canadian Maritimes, where we visited the Bay of Fundy.  Who else remembers primary school geography where we learnt that the Bay of Fundy had the biggest tides in the world? 50 Feet, I think we were told.  And its true – we were there for the Autumn Equinox and a full moon, so the tides were the biggest they could be.  How can the tides get to be so large when for most places in the world the tides have a range of about 2m?  I will attempt to explain and then show some pictures that show what beautiful parts of the world these places are.


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