President Nate opened the meeting and called on Mike Loudon to handle the invocation, pledge and Four-Way Test.
Matt Brown introduced guests and visiting Rotarians. Our guests were Dominque Kent, guest of Gwen Allen, and Lydia Boyd, a returning guest of Carol Wallace. Doug McCall from Wallasey England was a visiting Rotarian on Zoom. 
Happy Dollars were collected by Ron Denney. On Zoom, Xuchitl Coso was happy to be celebrating her 70th birthday, capping off a year of "0"s, which include 60th anniversary of coming to America, 50th anniversary of citizenship, and 40th wedding anniversary! Michael Huff was happy to have a new grandchild and to announce the next Flight to Honor date will be April 26, 2022. On Zoom, Linda Bagley Wiggs was happy to be leaving soon for an extended trip to Sicily.
For announcements, Stephanie Colon reminded everyone about the great social events listed in the margin of this bulletin as well as the upcoming District Rotary Day at The Rays.
Jack Lowman updated us on the golf tournament, including a fabulous donation to the raffle by Ryan McKellen from International Diamond Center.
Matt Brown announced an upcoming service opportunity on September 18, when we will be cleaning up the Veteran's Memorial Park. Finally, Fred Oeters let us know we still have a selection of donated Rotary shirts on sale for $20 each.
Gwen Allen then introduced our speaker, Javier Marin of Central Florida Development Council (CFDC), which is a private, not-for-profit organization spun off from the county to be independent, free of conflicts of interest, and able to move at the speed of business (instead of the speed of government). 
Mr. Marin noted how industry in Polk County has evolved from agriculture and mining to include logistics, advanced manufacturing, and technology. He emphasized the importance of continuing to brand Polk County as its own place rather than just a point between Orlando and Tampa. He noted that lots of people are moving here, and one of the reasons is because we are a community where both large and small businesses can thrive.
Mr. Marin talked about the role he has in attracting international business development to Polk County, which includes traveling to meeting with site selectors, matching sites with interested parties, hosting site visits, matching state and other available incentives with the interested party, providing soft landing supporting in the form of connecting the newly located business to professional supports (legal, accounting, banking, marketing, ground maintenance, etc.), and coordinating interfaces with local first responders and regulators for emergency planning, permitting, etc. He is a busy guy, and is doing a great job at helping to attract companies from Ireland, Holland, Brazil, and many other countries to Polk County.
Andrew Troller then handled the weekly raffles. President Nate won the putting opportunity and donated it Marsha Leap, who nearly sunk her putt for 1/2 off dues! He then shared dad joke of the week: "Did you know french fries aren't made in France? They're actually made in grease."
Tomorrow our speaker will be Polk County Commissioner, Martha Santiago.