President Nate Dunham called the meeting to order. Stacy Campbell Domineck led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test.
Andrew Troller handled the introduction of guests and visiting Rotarians. Dr. William Allen was a guest of Pam Craven, Eric Gardner (spouse of Blair Allen) was a guest of Phil Allen, and Kyle Cox was once again a guest of Linda Jezard. Our consummate visiting Rotarian - Doug McCall from Wallasey, England - was again with us via Zoom.
Happy Dollars were collected by Brenden Hahn. For starters, Janice Jones was happy to be celebrating her Rotary anniversary, and was giddy to remind everyone that, "you can't spell scum with UM!" (and also, "Go 'Noles"). Irma Cole was happy that she will soon get to see her sister whom she hasn't seen in three years. Larry Becker was happy that he had "the good COVID" in August because he lost 10 pounds and has kept it off, and regained his sense of smell except for undesirable scents like sulphur and dog poo. Win-win. Mike Loudon was happy to report that his daughter and granddaughter are both recovering well at the Mayo Clinic from their kidney donation and transplant surgeries. Finally, Stacy Campbell Domineck was thrilled to share that her son is set to graduate from university!
Mike Loudon then led us in singing a Thanksgiving-themed rendition of Old McDonald.
Jim Russell encouraged everyone to sign up for one or several bell ringing shifts (see link to sign up above) and Eric Powell reminded us about upcoming social events (especially the Christmas Parade watch party at Hugh Turbeville's, see link to sign up above). On behalf of the Sunshine Committee, Ron Denney congratulated Jennifer Swenson and Lori Winstead on their investitures as Judges in the Tenth Judicial Circuit.
President Nate then had the honor of presenting blue badges to recent STARS graduates: Scott Katz, Greg Aghoian, Brenden Hahn, John Fullerton, Ryan McKellen, and Andrew Troller. Following that, Ginny Harris presented Brenden Hahn (who is her great nephew, if you didn't know) with his first Paul Harris Fellow.
We then heard Bryce Philpot, Brandon Clark, and Cynthia Haffey give an informative and invigorating talk about The Rotary Foundation. Bryce reminded us that 80% of the funds our club and members give comes back to us after three years in the form of grants that we can allocate to local and global initiatives. He also gave a history about the audacity of an organization like Rotary International to take on and nearly accomplish an incredible goal such as eradicating polio.
Brandon explained that our club's local grant money (called District Designated Funds) for 2021 went to Peace River Center to help provide mental health services for youth suffering from increasing rates of anxiety, depression, and other issues as a result of the pandemic. He further explained that our global grant for 2021 went toward a water project in Honduras to help provide a consistent source of clean water for a hospital in El Progresso that serves 6,000 patients per month and has 450 employees.
Cynthia shared stories about the wonderful experiences she has had on international service trips with our club, including trips to Honduras and Costa Rica (with Xuchitl Coso, Lori Martini, Ron Denney, Steve Moore, and others). She talked about teaming up with local Rotary clubs to clean and repair school facilities, as well as getting to sight-see at amazing flower farms. Her advice to everyone is...GO!
Bryce then wrapped it up by announcing that our club is working to develop ongoing projects with the Rotary Club of San Juan, Puerto Rico so that we have a consistent initiative to direct our global grant money to each year. The goal is for our club members to establish meaningful, ongoing, sustainable, and life-changing relationships with the club in Puerto Rico. This partner club was chosen because there is extreme poverty and need in San Juan, the local club is active and experienced in writing global grants with Rotary International, and it is relatively safe and easy for our club members to travel there because no passport is needed, English is spoken, and the currency is the same. Plus, there are ample flights from Florida to San Juan! Stay tuned for more information.
In the meantime, we are focusing on three short term goals: (1) every member of our club gives at least $25 to the foundation this year (that's called Every Rotarian Every Year "EREY"); (2) get back to being a 100% Paul Harris Fellow club by helping our 34 members who are not PHFs to get there; and (3) sign up for or adjust automatic giving through Rotary direct.
President Nate then ended with a double dose of dad jokes: "What do you call a belt made of watches? A waist of time!" and "What's the difference between a government bond and a man? The bond matures!" 
Our meeting on November 30 will feature Shane Weaver on "The Blooming Cannabis Industry"