President Nate Dunham called the meeting to order. Larry Rankin led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test.
Richard Widick handled introduction of guests and visiting Rotarians. Amber Aaron was a guest of John Fullerton; Lydia Boyd was a guest of Carol Wallace; and James Ring was a guest of Alice Hunt. Visiting Rotarians included Michelle Emerson-Lewis from Tampa Midtown and Doug McCall from Wallasey England.
Happy Dollars were collected by Ron Denney and there were many happy people. Pam Craven was happy to share details about the Learning Resource Center’s upcoming Paint and Pour fundraiser. Michelle Emerson-Lewis was happy to have earned her personal training certification and to be transferring to The Lakeland Rotary Club. Jean Wright was happy to remind members to volunteer for the upcoming golf outing and Alice Hunt was happy to announce that James Ring has joined Congressman Scott Franklin’s office. Lori Garrard was happy that Beth’s daughter is recently engaged, and Bill Mutz was happy that his daughter’s wedding is coming up soon. Vince Jones was happy his daughter is now employed with JP Morgan and Andrew Troller was happy his wife has passed the bar exam. Scott Katz was happy to have earned his first victory with the Rotary fantasy football league.
Announcements began with President Nate thanking all the members who came out to the Lakeland Veteran’s Memorial Park to help clean up this past weekend. He also reminded members of the President’s challenge tickets and the opportunity to participate in The Rotary Leadership Institute. Jack Lowman told members about the Rotary Golf Tournament and asked members to bring in donations for the basket of cheer. Pam Craven also announced that the Know and Grow with The Lakeland Rotary Club is coming along, and members will have opportunities to donate money and time as the program progresses.
Mike Loudon led singing in honor of Stacy Campbell-Domineck, who recently won the ATHENA Leadership Award. Then Stacy Campbell-Domineck introduced the new members Carol Hornsby and Brenda Ramirez who gave their New Member Profiles.
Carol Hornsby is a returning new member who works for Encompass assisted living facility. She was born in North Carolina with Texas roots, but has lived in Lakeland 47 years. Carol is married to her husband, Jeremy, and is the mom of 2 millennials who are thriving in Philadelphia and in Minneapolis. She is also addicted to diet Mountain Dew and likes dogs more than people.
Brenda Ramirez discussed National Hispanic Heritage Month, which occurs from September 15 to October 15, and shared her family’s roots in California and Texas. Brenda’s parents started as migrant workers, but decided to plant roots in Polk County. Her mother became a nurse, her father works at Bay Care Hospital in Winter Haven, and they were founding members of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. Brenda received her law degree from Florida State University and her younger sister received her medical degree from FSU as well...from migrants to professionals in two generations! Brenda is married to her husband, David Swegel, and has two young daughters, Alexandra and Elizabeth (called Birdie). Birdie is a living miracle, as doctors originally thought she could be born with multiple severe congenital conditions but instead was born with "only" a partial cleft lip.
Coady Cheek then handled the 50/50 raffle, which Tom Conger won. Mike Loudon won the putting chance, but he missed. President Nate shared his dad joke of the week: “What do you call a pencil with two erasers? Pointless!”
Next week’s program will be Angela Garcia Falconetti from Polk State College.