Amanda Walls called the meeting to order and Bill Mutz led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test.
Steph Colon introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians but there were none in attendance. Happy Dollars were collected by Francis Hadley.
Mike Loudon led the Club in singing “America the Beautiful.”
President Amanda began announcements by recognizing Dean Hart for an in Memorium Paul Harris Fellow to his grandfather, Dean Hart Sr. who was previously secretary of this club.  She also made a presentation to Patty Harris for Kids Pack for $2,500 which helps feed 3,000 children over the weekends in Polk County. There are still over 200 children on the waitlist.
Fred Oeters made an announcement about free Rotary shirts & gear. If you are interested, please contact him. Jim Russell made an announcement about signing up for the Salvation Army bell ringing. Please sign up if you are able. Kyle Cox was recognized for a milestone anniversary of 1 year as a member of the club.
Stacy Campbell-Domineck introduced the program and also announced a Rotary Family Legacy program which is being planned.
Martha Lou Luce began her presentation by discussing the things you didn’t know about her. She participated in a canoe trip where they believed they found the mouth of the Alafia River but realized it wasn’t correct after a long morning of canoeing. She has taken boat trips in Virginia & Maryland and went fossil hunting at Calvert Cliffs where she had bad weather on the third day of the trip. Her daughter went skydiving and then she went skydiving after seeing pictures (although she admits she had to be pushed out of the plane).
John Loute discussed how he was born in Haiti, has three kids with his wife, and was the last of five children in a middle-class family. He’s extremely appreciative of his hard-working parents. He learned important lessons from his father before he passed away while John was a child. His mother then moved to Florida, and his path to the United States was through Canada after he was unable to get a visa. He mentioned how so many people in the United States take things for granted – he’s a proud American and has done well in life for him and his mother.
President Amanda closed with her word of the week: “munificence” which means “generosity in giving.”
Next week’s program will be Dr. John H Paul presenting, “Smile it’s your healthy choice”