President Nate Dunham called the meeting to order. Stacy Campbell-Domineck then led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test.
Stephanie Colon introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Happy Dollars were collected by Taher Hamid, who was also happy about his new baby boy who was born last week. Erick Struchko was happy about his daughter’s softball team’s recent win. Ron Denney was happy that his wife is doing better after undergoing bypass surgery. Stephanie Colon was happy and proud about her husband’s recent promotion to Master Sergeant. Marsha Leap was happy to remind members about donating items for VISTE to help Rotaract with their service project. Tammi Crotteau was happy to announce Magnolia Montessori’s upcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony and golf tournament.
Mike Loudon then led our club in singing In the Good Old Summertime. President Nate reminded members to sign up for district conference and to get tickets for the president’s challenge raffle to have a chance to win a Paul Harris Fellowship. President Nate also pointed out that May is Mental Heath Awareness and emphasized the importance of normalizing open dialogue about mental health.
Our speakers were introduced by Stacy Campbell-Domineck. Alice Nuttall spoke to our club about the Lakeland Regional Health Center for Behavioral Health and Wellness as well as how to support mental health in the workplace. The promotion of mental wellness is an important component of addressing mental health in the community. Anyone can help support mental health by paying attention (when people seem off/not themselves), asking (how are you doing/are you ok), listening, and following up. People can build their own mental resiliency by writing down three things they are grateful for each day for 21 days, which can change their brain chemistry in a positive way. The Lakeland Regional Health Center for Behavioral Health and Wellness will help to provide mental health resources in our community with 96 inpatient beds, outpatient services, graduate medical education in a beautiful, industry-leading facility that will open in August of 2022.
President Nate closed with his dad joke of the week: “How do trees get on the internet? They log in!”
Next week’s program will cover the impact of social media on youth mental health.