President Joel Ivy called the meeting to order. Ron Denney led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test.
Fred Oeters handled the introduction of guests and visiting Rotarians, who included: Scott Headley and Andrew Troller, guests of Michael Huff, Ryan McClellan, guest of Gwen Allen, and Marisa Green, Lana Ford, and Marilyn Crawford, guests of Stacey Cambell Domineck. Doug McCall from the Rotary Club of Wallasey, England was a visiting Rotarian.
Mike Loudon handled happy dollars. Keith Deloach was happy that he was recently able to travel to West Point to commission Second Lieutanant Madden, a Lakeland High School graduate. Linda Jezzard and Brock Self were both happy to be vaccinated and able to be social again. Gwen Allen was happy to be celebrating both her and her husband’s birthday weeks.
Sergeant At Arms Fred Oeters then certified a quorum and President Joel called for a vote to approve two by-laws changes that had previously been published to the club. The vote passed without opposition and the bylaw changes will be made.
For announcements, Irma Cole gave an update on the Rotary Cares a Ton Challenge.  The District met its goal of 50 tons.  Our club reached 7,705 pounds with 21 participants.  If you want to participate with a financial contribution, tell Irma the amount or 5 pounds per $1 donated.  Send Irma an email regarding the weight of the donation (  The deadline is May 31.
Irma highlighted the STARS class project at the Carl G. Schowe Boys & Girls Club trailer behind Crystal Lake Elementary School. A tremendous amount of cosmetic improvements were made to the facility through the efforts of this STAR class and a handful of community volunteers who have agreed to help complete the transformation by removing tree stumps and fixing the skirting on the trailer. Way to go, STARS!
President Joel reminded the club about the Anniversary Dinner scheduled for June 22, 2021 at Lone Palm and the team trivia fellowship event on May 27th at 6:00 PM at The Heights, which will include finger foods and buy-your-own drinks. Finally, he reminded everyone to pay their dues for the 2021-2022 Rotary Year. Dues should be paid no later than June 30.
Stacey Cambell Domineck introduced Kirsten Taylor Domineck, her 16 year old daughter, for today’s program on the Impacts of Covid-19 on Youth.  Kirsten addressed four main ways COVID-19 impacted youth: education, motivation, social life and home situation. 
In terms of education, Kirsten remembered how life changed after spring break 2020. Transitioning to finishing the school year with Microsoft Teams wasn’t the best, but worked for a few months.  The 2020-2021 school year started with students having to choose how to attend school (in person or e-learning).  She and her family choose e-learning and transformed a room in the house into an office/classroom.  Over time e-learning became frustrating due to the limitations of technology, and missing personal interaction with friends and teachers.
From a motivation standpoint, Kirsten felt the pandemic draining her of motivation and increasing negativity, but she tried to remain focused on her blessings and pushed against the laziness.
Although Kirsten considers herself an introvert, she definitely missed seeing friends every day and the silly things that happened at school.  Not seeing friends and family hit hard over the holidays especially Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Kirsten does not think she will become extrovert after the pandemic, but she certainly will enjoy and appreciate time with friends and family more.
While certain activities and opportunities were missed during the pandemic, but it also provided her with opportunities at home such as learning how to cook, meeting family via zoom, reading, and growing through faith.  Kirsten learned the valuable lesson that time is a gift. 
Our June 1 meeting will be Zoom only.