President Nate Dunham called the meeting to order. Blair Allen led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test. Julie Townsend assisted with the introduction of guests. Our guests were Reba Coil (Nate Dunham) and Archie Snow & Paige Messerall (Marsha Leap). Tyler Davis helped with Happy Dollars. 
Mike Loudon asked Kristen Hathcock, Bill Mutz, and Mark Scolnick to join him in leading the group in the powerful singing of “Amazing Grace.” President Nate Dunham thanked everyone who attended the Rotary District Conference. Our club was given the "Best Service Project of the Year" award. President Nate also reminded attendees about the Lake Wire Cleanup on May 28 at 10:30 AM. Steph Colon discussed our next and last "Coffee Talk with Nate" meeting. Cal Arter was awarded with his Paul Harris Fellow +8 award and encouraged the club to continue to give.
Rick Maxey introduced our speakers Jason Deshazo and Rachel Sobiech who talked about “Addressing Mental Health in the LGBTQ Community.” Jason & Rachel discussed powerful statistics about the mental health issues within the LGBTQ community. They discussed some of the reasons for this such as shame, traumatic experiences, bullying, fear, medical issues, job loss, rejection from family & friends, and discrimination. 42% of LGBTQ youth seriously considered suicide in the past year. Jason & Rachel provided numerous helpful and thoughtful suggestions to the audience in response to questions from our members. Thanks to Jason & Rachel for presenting to our club.
President Nate Dunham ended the program with a dad joke “Did you hear about the two antennas that got married? The wedding was boring but the reception was great.”