President Nate Dunham called the meeting to order. Larry Rankin then led the invocation, pledge, and Four-Way Test.
Jim Russell introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Joe Tedder, Betty Tedder, and Tracey Tedder were guests of Janice Tedder. Jill Sessions was a guest of Michael Huff. Charlie Huntley and Timothy Warren were guests of Nate Dunham.
Happy Dollars were collected by Lori Garrard. Michelle Ledford was happy about her recent birthday and receiving news that she will soon be a hip, cool grandmother. Janice Tedder was happy to be serving on the Sunshine Committee and to share the news that Irma Cole was recently recognized as the woman of the year for Temple Emanuel of Lakeland. Stephanie Colon was happy about her trip to Alaska.
President Nate announced that the golf tournament committee will begin having meetings soon and will be looking for volunteers. Stephanie Colon reminded members about upcoming fellowship events at AMF Lanes for a Family Bowling Night on July 19 and an October 22 fishing trip.
Paige Messerall was welcomed as a new member. Next, Fred Oeters presented The Lakeland Rotary Club Hall of Fame Award to Larry Becker. Don Selvage also presented the Community Four Way Test Award to Joe G. Tedder.
President Nate then discussed his past year leading The Lakeland Rotary Club. He announced the winner of the President’s Challenge was Irma Cole, who will receive a Paul Harris Fellowship as part of the award. President Nate expressed his appreciation for all of the committee chairs who helped achieve the goals he had coming into this year, including re-engagement of the Club, inspiring programming, meaningful fellowship and community service, and successful fundraising. Our Club’s fundraising for the Know and Grow project, in particular, raised enough to fund 50 families through the program and still have money left over, which permitted $7,000 to be donated to each of the three participating schools: Crystal Lake Elementary, Phillip O’Brien Elementary, and Highland City Elementary.
President Nate closed with his dad joke of the week: “What did one DNA say to the other DNA? ‘Do these genes make me look fat?’”