President Joel opened our virtual meeting and called on Dorsey Hightower to handle the invocation, pledge and Four-Way Test.
Trey Harden introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians.
Joel took care of Happy Dollars.
For announcements, President Joel thanked Jack Lowman for putting on a great luau at his house since Joel’s trip to the Rotary International annual convention was canceled. This year it was to be in Hawaii.  
President Joel also thanked all those in the Club who have stepped up to help out this coming Rotary year. He said all those he asked said yes. He also reminded us to pay our dues, which is easy to do from the links at the top our web site here.
Jack Lowman asked anyone interested in joining the fellowship committee to contact him.
Joel turned it over to Jack to introduce our program, which was an update on the City of Lakeland from our own Bill Mutz, the current mayor. It was a wonderful presentation and if you missed it, make sure to check it out here.
Next program: Daniel Haight with an update from Lakeland Regional Health.