President Amanda Walls called the meeting to order. Rick Maxey led the invocation, pledge, and Four-way Test.
Carol Catanzarite assisted with the introduction of guests. Our guests include; Rick Maxey with guests Paul Simmons, Karen Warren, William Wynn and Krystal Herrera; Cal Arter with his friend John Buchan from Pennsylvania; John Griffin with his wife Suzy; Mike Loudon with Dawn Lyons; Michael Huff with guests Melissa Innella and Chad Gutter; Linda Roddenbery with Scott Kestner; and Ryan McKellen with Nikki and Armando Silva. The local Rotarian was John Scott and the visiting Rotarian was Jack Nussbaum.
Happy Dollars was brought to us by Par Sahota. John Griffin was happy because he lives in Florida and great leadership, visiting Rotarian John Scott was happy for Fridays Rotary 5K, Pam Craven was a “million dollars” happy for all the help and support by Rotarians during Pig Fest, Meggie Hoeft was happy because baby #3 is turning ONE on February 1st, Marsha Leap is happy for another birthday, and Linda Roddenbery was happy to be attending the Bruce Springsteen concert with friends and family.
Singing was brought to us by Mike Loudon singing R-O-T-A-R-Y.
President Amanda read thank you notes from VISTE, Salvation Army of Lakeland and West Polk County, and one of last year’s scholarship recipients.
Announcements: 1) Scott LaRonde; Rotary 5K this Friday the 3rd. 2) Ryan McKellen; Basketball game Friday, February 10 at 6:00. Tickets are $11.00 and still available. Come watch our Rotarians defeat the Kiwanians. 3) President Amanda announced several service dates: February 10 at First Presbyterian Church – “Night to Shine” and February 18 at 10:45 Clean-up at Lake Wire and relax after at Swan Brewing. 4) Apron Dinner is coming up in February, tickets are $65 each and available online – Space is Limited.
Rick Maxey introduced Swamp Man Paul. He is a Representative of the International Market World POW-WOW and Native American Festival. It is the largest Native American POW-WOW in Florida. Swamp Man Paul built a Seminole Indian Village and they have live demonstrations with over 20 tribes from all over the nation.
Swamp Man Paul grew up in Tampa and on the Brighton Indian Reservation. He began wrestling alligators 40 years ago and continues today. It is a very dangerous activity and is grateful he has not lost much. He has been bit on his foot and lost part of his thumb on his right hand. The biggest alligator he has wrestled in a show was 10 foot, but the largest he wrestled was a 13-foot gator. 
Next week’s program is “Rotary’s Got Soul” which is a dining experience.
President Amanda wrapped up today’s program with the vocabulary word Penury (n): an oppressive lack of resources, as in “The tremendous generosity of this club helped to make an impact on the extreme penury that exists in the neighborhoods of La Paz, Honduras. President Amanda, recently back from her service trip to Honduras, also stated “I thank you for allowing me and the rest of the team the privilege of delivering that charity to the recipients.”